It’s vacay time, you lucky devils. And with not much of the school holidays remaining, you might have your eye on one final bid for glory for both you and the kids return to the daily grind. You’ll want family fun and frolics, we assume, perhaps with water parks, wildlife and wonder. Not a problem. If you’re looking for the best worldwide destinations to visit for families, these are those; our 5 IDEAL worldwide destinations for an unforgettable family holiday.


Who doesn’t love a sprawling, gorgeous water park? Some adults, perhaps, but there’s not a kid out there who doesn’t love the noise and adventure of such a place. 

Aqua Fantasy is exactly what the name suggests – a sprawling water park with the capacity to accommodate more than 5000 people at a time whilst giving you a chance to focus on some valuable family time. Apart from the obligatory water park features – slides, wave pools and basins – the park also offers a wide variety of other facilities, including 24/7 animation shows which will keep your children entertained all day long if they’re tired of the water. The park also offers an amazing visual treat – the architecture is gorgeous with a rustic, medieval touch. Just lovely. 


It may not be the place which first springs to mind for a family holiday, but there are many family attractions in Abu Dhabi, the sheer scale and spectacle enough to wow kids and adults alike. These range from historic palaces to falcon parks, but perhaps the most famous family attraction in Abu Dhabi is Yas Waterworld. It’s tagline ‘Water’s Most Fabulous Playground’ certainly lives up to its claim.

Yas (yaasss queen) Waterworld has more than 40 rides, and offers much for the adrenaline junkie as well as those looking for a more chilled day out. Of course, splashing about on water rides is the perfect way to escape the heat in Abu Dhabi, which can be intense, especially in Summer. If you do want to escape that heat, the ultra air-conditioned, 5D immersive cinema experience, CineSplash, will evoke awe and wonder in even the most sceptical among us. 


Ah, Africa! The natural world’s spiritual home, where the most raw, awe inspiring stuff goes down. At Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, you can visit one of the numerous game reserves in the area to see wildlife up close. Take a trek along the plains of the Camdeboo Mountains, and see mighty giraffes and rhinos up close and for real. The Elephant Sanctuary offers a further fix of safari esque excitement in a more kid friendly setting. And if that wasn’t enough, the bay itself boasts several beaches superb for swimming and sandcastles. The pick of the bunch is perhaps the golden sands of Keurbooms Lagoon. Take us back.


It’s marketed as the “dream machine”, and we don’t think the Advertising Standards Authority will be on Disney’s case anytime soon. Indeed, it’s a dream of so many to visit  Disneyland Paris at least once in their lifetime. So, why not make it now?

There’s a roller coaster ride down the winding Big Thunder Mountain. Then, it’s off to Phantom Manor where you’ll get seriously spooked out. From there you head straight to the Adventure land for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Okay, okay, don’t let us dictate your itinerary for you. Instead, let the childlike wonder take you wherever you want to go. Just make sure to take in one of the park’s legendary shows, where the kids can meet their Disney idols or the adults can admire the super sparkly Illuminations show, full of fireworks and glamour. Never has the phrase ‘something for everyone’ fitted so perfectly. 


Though it’s certainly pretty awful to step on a piece of Lego, it feels quite the opposite to step into a land made of the stuff. 

Legoland, housed in Denmark where the foundations for so many children’s favourite obsession were first laid, is an extraordinary place. Divided into ‘lands’ – Mini Land, Adventure Land, Polar Land, Legoredo Town, Duplo land, and Imagination Zone – there’s an area for every want and whim for even the most fickle kid.

Each land offers a host of unique, tailor made activities. Miniland, for instance, shows some of the world’s most iconic structures and towns rendered in Lego blocks while the Haunted House at Legoredo Town is full of spooky fun. The Imagination Zone presents Atlantis and Lego studios and will blow minds (in the most family friendly way, of course). The little ones will never look at the world’s most famous toy in the same way again. 



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