According to The Independent, a recent study found that one-third of employers use social media to recruit. Over a quarter of recruiters have found social or professional networks to be the most effective means through which to grow their employer brands, and that number is expected to rise quickly.

With this in mind, it is important to consider how your presence on social media may impact your chances of landing call centre jobs in Manchester, or any other job for that matter. Below are five mistakes to avoid:

Complaining about everything

If you’re one of those who likes to complain across social media, this will only come across negatively towards a prospective employer. While your personal profile may be private, you never know which one of your friends works with a future employer. Nobody wants to work with people who are constantly in a bad mood or like to drag others down. Try to avoid complaining, generally being negative and add some positive vibes to your social profiles!

Being inappropriate and offensive

We all have moments where we can be slightly inappropriate, however keep that for when you’re down with the pub with your friends, not on your social profiles where the entire world may see. Even if you didn’t mean for something to be offensive, the person reading it may not take it the same way. Be mindful about what you put out there.

Not engaging with your network

If you signed up to Twitter and LinkedIn to increase your network, when was the last time you posted something related to your profession or industry? If it was more than six months ago, you may want to get back into the swing of it again, especially if you’re actively seeking a new role. Make sure you regularly engage with your followers, make new friends and post updates and news related to your industry. Being active is good on your social profiles as recruiters will see that you’re clearly passionate about what you do.  

Uploading bad photos

Chances are, one of the first places an employer will look for you online is LinkedIn. According to Robert Walters, 64% of employers would check your LinkedIn profile before hiring you. On LinkedIn, ensure your photo is up to date and appropriate. It doesn’t need to a professional headshot (if you can get one, great), but a smiling photo that reflects your enthusiasm will be perfect. On Facebook and Twitter, ensure your main profile photo isn’t one where you’ve had one too many!  

Bad mouthing current or past employers

You may have had a bad day at work but keep the rant for your partner or friend. Don’t go to social media to vent, you’ll only regret it when your mood has passed and by that time it could be too late. If an employer sees that you’ve bad mouthed your current employer, what’s to stop them thinking you won’t do the same to their company if they hire you?