If you are on the hunt for a rental van, you might not know where to begin.  There are certainly lots to go around, so it can be difficult making the right choice for you.  There is a common misconception, that people only rent vans on a short-term basis, but in reality – there are long term leasing options where it’s even more important to make sure you make the correct selection.  The last thing you want is to commit yourself to a van that doesn’t suit your needs and requirements. With this, in mind here are 5 of the best rental vans on the market.


The Mercedes Citran van is one of the most popular rental vans there are.  It is agile, comfortable and has low running costs, which is great if you are going to be using it a lot.  There are lots of different options when it comes to this particular model. You can opt for 3 different lengths, wheelbases, as well as loading lengths which means you can find the perfect fit for your needs.  It comes complete with all kinds of safety and technological equipment such as: airbags, roof hatch, light and rain sensors, an air conditioning system and more. This makes it a comfortable and smooth drive.


This van is incredibly stylish and is perfect for any form of commercial transportation.  It is an enjoyable drive with cruise control, as well as suspension that is of fantastic quality.  It has lots of room for loading capacity which is great if you need to haul equipment back and forth anywhere – and with some companies, you can also opt for more comfortable passenger seats.  To give you an idea of the high spec of these vans, they are so versatile – they can even be used as cabs as part of their fleets. They are also an option for haulage companies due to their space capability. If this van appeals to you, you can  click here for more Ford transit custom double cabs for sale and see if they’re in your price range.


The Mercedes Vito Sport is a luxury van, but what else would you expect from Mercedes.  There are lots of options with this van to suit your business needs. There is the panel van which is for those of you who need as much space as possible and looking to carry a lot.  You can load up to just under 1.4 tonnes. It’s big enough for 3 passengers including the drivers seat. There is also the crew van, which is ideal if you need to ferry about lots of people.  Although there is less space for loading – you can get up to 7 seats. It has lots of fancy features including air con, cruise control, and even heated seats for when it’s chilly outside.


With people placing much more focus on the environment these days, we definitely had to put in an electric van somewhere. Petrol is no longer as economical as it used to be, and diesel isn’t as environmentally friendly as people would like – so electric cars are the future.  Since electric vans are very much in the development stages, there isn’t a huge range out there – but there is no doubt that this will get much larger as time goes on, and the prices will get lower.  In the meantime the Electric Nissan NV200 is a great choice for those of you on the lookout for an electric van.


Volkswagen vans are known for their quality, and that’s exactly what you can expect from the VW Transporter Shuttle S Minicab.  It’s a perfect choice for larger families as well as the likes of hotels or airlines who need to shuttle people back and forth. It looks incredibly stylish and is comfortable for passengers. It is packed with safety features to ensure you have a safe journey, and also has lots of loading space for anything that you need to take with you on your travels.  This van comes in lots of different configurations in terms

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