We think it’s safe to say that at the start of a new decade, the convenience of an electric folding bike just can’t be ignored. No, really, it can’t be ignored; they seem to be everywhere! And the smug, content look of their riders is testament to their powers.

That said, for those not yet ready to ride the revolution, there are several pressing questions which need to be answered; are electric folding bikes really that convenient, when you have to lug them around? Do they come at an astronomical cost? Are these bikes reliable and safe to run? And are they truly green or just the latest fad? 

We’re here to assuage those fears and shed a little light on this latest transport craze; here are 5 reasons to invest in an electric folding bike. 


The design of the folding e-bike has come a long way; once bulky and heavy, they now come in sleek and sexy designs, ideal for city living. Most of us city dwellers live in small flats, perhaps with flatmates and certainly with a fair degree of clutter, and a normal bike takes up too much valuable square footage, we’re sure you’ll agree.   

Indeed, if you live in the city, the sad reality is that the highest number of bikes get stolen from urban areas, and many people are put off cycling due to the threat of theft should the bike be left outside. A folding e-bike is a simple solution to this concern. As the cycling experts Ecosmo point out “a foldable bicycle includes the ability to store in the office or at home easily, taking up far less space than a rigid frame bike, meaning that you don’t have to leave your prized possession outside with the other bikes.”

The benefits for urbanites doesn’t stop there. Folding electric bikes are also great for taking on tube and commuter trains; simply collapse it and board the train effortlessly. We’re huge fans of Ecosmo bike folding bike which has been engineered according to the needs of a modern cyclist. This electric city bike is ideal for zipping swiftly around town; a quality, lightweight folding electric bike with a relatively long battery life (60 minutes on a single charge) making it ideal for commuters, particularly.  

woman with e-bike


Want to take your bike away on a weekend? No problem; a folding electric bike can do that, too. Convenient and portable, as we mentioned, an electric bike is ideal for taking on trains, but it can also fit into the smallest of cars, should you be planning on driving to a remote destination to then explore on two wheels. Don’t want to leave your bike chained up outside your hotel? An E-bike will fit snuggly into your hotel wardrobe. Indeed, the portability and convenience of a folding E-bike is one of its main appeals. 


A folding e-bike is just like riding a regular bike, in terms of it giving you a good workout if you so choose, however, it boasts the added bonus of giving you a push on the difficult, uphill bits should you so require. The best of all biking worlds, don’t you think? While it’s probably true that conventional biking will keep you fitter, riding an e-bike is a real pleasure. And as such, it might encourage you to get out there on the open road more regularly.

With one, you’ll be more motivated to go out on longer bike rides, explore more enthusiastically and get more fresh air, with those hilly country lanes that little bit more manageable on an E-bike. Once you’ve got your strength up, you can always switch the motor to low assistance mode or turn it off completely if you’re after some more strenuous exercise.  


In comparison to mopeds, motorbikes and cars, e-bikes are a super eco-friendly way of travelling. The amount of waste they produce is negligible, and the majority of E-bike batteries are made from lithium ion rechargeable (rather than disposable), rather than the more harmful lead. That said, it should be noted that their positive environmental impact is somewhat negated if you’re still running your car alongside an E-bike. But if you replace four wheels with two, you’re contributing to lowering carbon emissions by switching to a renewable source of energy. Every little helps, right?


With good quality E-bikes available from around £1000, and the cost to charge one just 5p per charge cycle, a folding electric bike represents a savvy investment when compared to both a car and a costly train season ticket. With a battery lasting for several years, replacements costing just a couple of hundred pounds, and tire replacement around £30 per wheel, maintenance and upkeep of an electric bike is also relatively inexpensive compared to travelling on four wheels. 

With these 5 reasons to buy an electric folding bike, we’re guessing you’re sold. See you on the road soon?