We used to think that business class was crazy and a waste of money, after all, we all end up in the same place. And even if you have all the money in the world, why waste it on a few more inches of legroom. Like most people, we’ve always been happy to make do with “cattle class”. But of course, that was before we flew with TAP Portugal.

From food that you actually want to eat, to pre-flight drinks (in real glasses, obviously) and meals served on a tablecloth with real china and proper cutlery (instead of those plastic knock-offs back in cattle class), here are 5 reasons you should always fly business class with TAP.

The Comfort

When you’re on a long haul flight, an inch of extra legroom, let alone a foot makes all the difference and you get more than enough room flying business class. Seats can be adjusted with a controller until you’re pretty much lying down. Hello long haul flight nap.

Work Productively

With more legroom and a bigger workspace, it means that you can actually do some work.

The Food

Plane food, it’s usually a culinary journey of hell. Think soggy grey stew or something that’s pretending to be chicken. But not here. When you travel TAP you get edible and delicious Portuguese , Brazilian and International cuisine.


Think the best of Portuguese products and flavours and a menu is designed by award winning chefs. If you have a sweet tooth then you’re in for a treat, most flights serve Portuguese egg tarts which retain their crisp, crackly pastry and rich flavour even though you’re miles up in the air.

Save on time

We’re not advising you to purposely cut it fine, but you can show up at the airport a little later because your business-class boarding pass gives you access to a faster security line at most airports. You’re the first off the plane and so is your bag, so there’s less time waiting at baggage claim.

If you’re going on a long haul flight, business class is better. There is no doubt about it.

This journey with TAP Portugal was hosted as part of a press trip with the Brazilian Tourist Board.    For further information, visit or call 0345 601 0932.


IDEAL’S flight with TAP was complimentary