Ideal for those with recently thinning hair.

It’s one of life’s most defining, derailing moments; the realisation as you scrutinise yourself in the mirror that your once luscious locks are in decline. It happens to the best (and majority) of us. That’s not to say that realising you’re thinning up top should elicit a shrug of acceptance and the order of several stylish hats on Amazon.

Oh no. There are ways and means which you can deploy to have your hair looking as luxurious as possible, flowing and flourishing to its full potential and beyond. These are those; here are 5 tips for fuller-looking hair today, IDEAL for those with recently thinning hair.


Ever get the feeling that we’re all linked, intimately and inextricably? Yep, the same could be said for your body, mind and soul. Nope, we’re not going to go all new age hippy on you and recommend a course of microdosing foraged berries. Although, come to think of it, that wouldn’t do any harm. Instead, what we’re trying to say is that what you put into your body, and how you look after your mind, has a distinct effect on the way you look.

Indeed, your hair is an outward sign of inside health; stress, a poor diet, hormonal changes – all of these things can trigger hair thinning and loss. Getting to the root of the problem, and following a prevention rather than cure mantra, is the most effective path to fuller hair.

This all starts with your diet. The cells that make up every single strand of hair need nourishment. Though, of course, you should endeavour to eat a nutrient rich diet full of diverse proteins, vitamins and minerals for best results all over the body, it’s said that protein rich foods like chicken, eggs, broccoli, cheese and nuts are particularly beneficial for your hair. 


Without wishing the reiterate it, we’ve noticed some of you weren’t listening at the back, so repeat we shall; prevention is better than cure. You’re never going to have fuller looking hair if you don’t take care of it in the first place. Once it begins to thin, there are few options left to get your hair looking thick and full again. Better to take care of it to prevent thinning occurring. 

Heat is hair’s worst enemy. However many of us (IDEAL included) can’t imagine life without our hair straighteners and curling tongs, it’s sensible to use them less, and at a lower temperature if possible, to avoid damaging your hair. 

You should also try to minimise rough, enthusiastic towel drying, which can destroy the hair’s cuticles.  In terms of products, use a thickening or volumizing shampoo and conditioner – these usually contain fewer ingredients so don’t weigh the hair down as much. Also consider supplements that may benefit your hair; B Vitamins and zinc, in particular, are thought to stimulate hair follicle health.


Yes, hairdressers are magicians, so skilled with the scissors and small talk, equally. Turn to them with a request for a fuller head of hair, and they may well be able to grant your wish.

In particular, ask your hairdresser for thickening highlight’s, which give that illusion of heft and fullness that we’re looking for here. Highlighting hair adds the look of depth to strands, giving dimension and lusciousness where single toned hair would otherwise tend to fall flat. 

Another trick is to keep the roots of your hair a darker shade to the rest of your locks. This helps the hair look fuller and solid at the scalp. Also, the more of your scalp you see, the thinner your hair will look. You can fill it in with a colouring spray; here at IDEAL we’re huge fans of Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder. 


This ones for the guys! Though it might sound drastic at first, hair transplants are actually becoming increasingly common (and as a result, more affordable), particularly in young men who are suffering from hereditary or male pattern baldness. 

Of course, undergoing any kind of procedure is not a decision to be taken lightly, and it should be noted that a person loses on average 100 strands of hair a day. Some hair loss, then, is inevitable and occurs every day and to everyone, but if it’s affecting your self-esteem markedly and you’ve exhausted preventative measures, then a hair transplant could be for you.

The experts at suggest the FUE technique is the most effective, comprehensive procedure currently available, leaving ”no linear scarring or stitches and the most natural look”. If this sounds like something you’re seeking, do make sure you do your due diligence regarding your hair transplant practitioner prior to and during a consultation, checking reviews and accreditation of local and international providers before going forward. 


If a hair transplant isn’t right for you, feels a little too drastic or a lot too expensive, then there are plenty of tricks used by stylists which you could consider for making your hair appear thicker:

  • Short cuts are best: Thin or fine hair can look stringy and appear even thinner because it’s weighed down. So opt for short or shoulder length hair to give the allusion of lusciousness.
  • Dry shampoo saviour: For instant volume, spray some dry shampoo along on your roots, immediately creating volume. And if you’re brunette, consider using a tinted brown dry shampoo instead of the traditional white. 
  • It’s all about the volume: There are plenty of volumising and thickening products on the market which can give your locks a lift. 
  • Extend it: Turn a negative into a positive. Hair extensions are another way to draw attention away from thinning hair and onto your flowing locks instead.