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Hands up if you’ve still watching Sex and the City reruns on repeat? 

Since we haven’t been able to see friends, we’ve found joy watching Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie meet up over brunch and have cocktails after dinner. Moreover, it reminded us that there was once life beyond the four corners of our home and other clothes existed that weren’t joggers and loungewear. Getting reacquainted with the series also reminded us that we adore eye-catching accessories and just how much we’ve missed wearing jewellery. 

Now we’re finally allowed to socialise again, we’re taking a leaf out of the style books of the four friends, and we’re starting with statement jewellery, the more eye-catching, the better, to turn heads post-lockdown. 

All that said, styling such jewellery can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve pulled together 5 tips for wearing statement jewellery pieces to help you pull it off perfectly.


Remember the scene in Sex and City when Samantha bids on a limited edition floral ring adorned with diamonds and declares how it perfectly captures her essence? “One of a kind, filled with fire”, we believe. Well, we’re kind of in love with that ring because of what it represents. 

Statement jewellery is a way for us to express ourselves creatively, helping the wearer to connect with the character of the piece. As such, it’s essential to find a piece that resonates with you, otherwise, you’re unlikely to wear it often. Speaking of which… 


When it comes to go-big-or-go-home pieces, the trick is to actually wear them out of the home. What’s the point of buying a limited edition, one-of-a-kind statement piece only for it to languish at the bottom of your jewellery box, never to see the light of day?

There are few things more rewarding than finding a one-off statement piece that you absolutely adore – enough to actually wear it, regularly and proudly. Just be sure to actively, consciously wear it, rather than considering it too precious to take out of the house. Look after such a piece properly, and it’ll be with your for life.


When it comes to statement jewellery, the brasher and bolder, the better, we say! 

London jewellery purveyors Sybarite know a thing or two about statement pieces, and they tell us to choose one piece as a focal point, especially if it’s a large statement piece, rather than hedging your bets and spreading yourself too thinly with several pieces. 

Indeed, a limited edition statement ring like Samantha’s diamond flower ring is best worn solo so it can play a starring role.

That said, if the statement ring is on the smaller side, don’t be afraid to wear multiple statement rings. Consider matching the colours of the rings while playing with different shapes and sizes. Speaking of mixing it up…


As the Telegraph so eloquently writes in their piece on Carrie Bradshaw’s best Sex and the City jewellery, “in typical Carrie style, she mixed collector-level, serious fine jewellery with costume jewels and downtown trinkets”.  

Mixing and matching pieces can pack just as stylish a punch as wearing a standalone piece, so don’t be afraid to mix and match your statement jewellery with other more subtle elements. 

Forget the rule that less is more; that’s for squares. Here at IDEAL, we’re all circles and triangles. Consider layering necklaces together to make an even bigger statement or, as mentioned above, mix and match different statement rings. 

However, when mixing and matching jewellery, the trick is to keep things proportional. If you’re going to be wearing a statement necklace, pair it with simple stud earrings. Wearing too many big pieces at once can look clumsy, clunky and over-stylised.


The great thing about statement pieces is that they can add a dramatic flourish to a relaxed look. We think statement necklaces are often best worn with a casual t-shirt and jeans look to really emphasis that shiny item. Earrings in shoulder-grazing styles can completely transform a plain white T-shirt into an evening-appropriate style, with the juxtaposition of bling and ‘bland’ having a striking visual effect.  

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