Bedrooms are, to paraphrase ‘Cribs’, where the magic happens. Rather than being just a place to count sheep, a bedroom should be a haven; a place of tranquility, to relax, recharge and reinvent. The boudoir is, perhaps most importantly, also the framework for life’s most romantic moments, so getting the décor and furniture just right is imperative. If you’re renovating, reimagining or simply fancy a change, then check this out; our 5 tips on how to create the IDEAL bedroom.


Did you know that your quality of sleep suffers considerably if you bed down on an uncomfortable, unsuitable mattress? Well, if you’re the owner of a lumpy or too firm one, then you probably did. If not, then enjoy those 8 hours in blissful ignorance. Indeed, a good night’s sleep is something really important for health and well-being, so don’t skimp when choosing a mattress; we’d go as far as to say that it’s the most important single item in the house.


Generally speaking, broad blocks of colour offer a more soothing ambience than busy and overwhelming prints. Of course, everyone is different, and tastes diverge as much as they endorse, so keep a broad mind when approaching the final decision on a colour scheme. The idea is to quieten the mind, not stimulate it, so find a colour that works for you, above all else. Soothing greens and blues are generally said to be more relaxing than red or orange, for example.


Untidy room, untidy mind, as the old saying of an irritating colleague goes. But, there is some substance to that soliloquy. If you have a messy room, simply speaking, it’s hard to relax. So, declutter diligently and keep items neatly stored when they’re not being used. It may sound strange, but flat surfaces, such as dressing table tops, bedside tables and window sills, should generally be kept clear of stuff, however tempting it may be to gather everyday items there. If you want your bedroom to be a haven of peace, then you don’t want clutter to intrude on your relaxation. Minimalism, we think, is the watchword here. 


The healing and energising powers of natural light should never be overlooked. Quality lined curtains will keep your bedroom dark, whereas cheaper ones let light through and could affect your quality of sleep. As well as doing a job, functionality speaking, window dressing should also look the part. Blinds should be minimal, stylish, and in keeping with the relaxed vibes you want your bedroom to emulate. You might want to opt for blackout blinds as a smart alternative to curtains, so check out Kens Yard to get some inspiration for your new look. Or, if you’re looking to bring things into the modern age, then consider smart blinds and shutters, controlled at the touch of the button, such as these from Blinds Essex.

Natural light also plays a part in how your bedroom can affect your mood. A dark bedroom during the daytime is not a place where you’ll want to spend much time, so if you have the option, volition and deep wallet, consider installing a skylight window to flood your room with natural light – and positive energy – during the day. Electric lighting that can be dimmed is also a great option for creating a warm, flexible ambience at night time. 


The root of your clutter problem may not lie in the rubbish itself, but in a lack of storage solutions, or at least, savvy sorting of your stuff. Keep your clothes, shoes, jewellery, and other items well organised in furniture fit for the job, made possible by tetris-like levels of storing nous. Specifically, underbed drawers are ideal, and if you have room, consider fitted wardrobes for a sleek, uncluttered feel.