Hands up who pledged to read more during lockdown and reconnect with that inquisitive book worm (probably want to see a doctor about that) who lives inside of you? Ok, now, hands up who actually kept to that promise? Yep, we still see a lot of hands. Incidentally, none of them are holding books.

Don’t worry; there’s still time. Reading (books, although the place is pretty nice, too) represents a wonderful escape from life’s endless churn, is a great way to learn new things and tickle your imagination, and perhaps most importantly, it represents some much needed time away from the insidious blue screens which now dominate our everyday. And yes, we do realise you’re reading this on a screen, but the point remains.

So, give the gift of self care today, and allow yourself to once again get lost in the joy of reading. If it’s been a while and you want to take the plunge back into the page, then read on; here’s 5 ways to help you get back into reading today.


You may already be signed up to some form of subscription service, as they have become incredibly proliferant in recent years. Netflix? Check. Calm? Check. Chess With Friends? Check mate.

Indeed, there are subscriptions available for almost everything these days, and you’ll be happy to hear that books are now included in this prevalent model. If you don’t have time to visit a bookstore or simply aren’t sure where to start, signing up for a book subscription could help you find inspiration. 

Packages from major players, like those offered by Kindle Unlimited and Apple Books, are a good place to start, or better still, bespoke service providers like Heady Mix offer a more curated package, giving subscribers books that are written by authors from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds. Now that sounds like our kind of thing.


The best way to get into a good book is by removing distractions, and the biggest distraction today, as we’re sure you know, is the pull of Insta, Twitter et al, via your screen. 

To truly get engrossed in a book, it’s time to turn off and log out. Switch off your phone or leave it in another room when you settle down with a book for the best, most engrossing results. The last thing you need is being taken out of the story thanks to notifications and vibrations which don’t matter a jot to your day. Unplug and go back to basics – you’ll feel strangely refreshed after doing so. 


It’s always good to try and expand your horizons and read books that you might not usually go for, about esoteric subjects which you can recycle at dinner parties to sound smart. But that’s not the point here, right? We’re talking about self indulgence and self care, so if you’re trying to get back into reading, choosing genres or authors that you know you enjoy is probably the best place to start. A reliable and safe choice, sure, but one which will be gratifying. 


The main reason people give for not reading more is, without fail, a lack of time. But that is something that can be remedied, easily. Indeed, by firmly inserting reading into your schedule, you’ll be granting yourself time to enjoy a book and tune out for a while. And that’s gloriously therapeutic, don’t you think? 

Try to find time to fit reading into your daily routine, even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes a day. If you commute to work via public transport, that could be a great opportunity to fit in some reading twice a day. Or why not read before you go to bed? It might even help you get a better night’s sleep


Another way you could try to get back into reading is by joining (or starting) a book club. As you need to finish books by a certain time to discuss it, these deadlines will serve as motivation for you to pick up and start reading whenever you can.

There’s also the sociable aspect; book clubs are a great way not only to read new things but also to make new friends (and keep in touch with your old ones!). We couldn’t imagine a more lovely way to spend an evening.