As anyone who has flown is painfully aware, the recycled air, lack of moisture and germs on board can send your skin into meltdown. Indeed, the pressure and dehydration of the plane can leave your skin dry and saggy, so when you travel on long-haul flights, sticking to your skincare routine is essential. With this in mind, with the help of The FaceBible, conveniently based near Heathrow Airport, here are 6 IDEAL essentials for an in-flight skincare routine.


It’s advisable that you take your makeup off before boarding a flight because the cabin air can dry out your skin. Use natural or fragrance-free makeup wipes that are free of alcohol and drying sulphates to remove any makeup before you board the plane. You can also use them to help refresh your face before applying your makeup once you get to your destination. As well as being fragrance free, make sure you buy eco-friendly and biodegradable makeup remover wipes. 


The world’s most romantic flower does more than get you in an amorous mood. Indeed, rose water is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. Instantly refresh your face and give it a gorgeous dewy look by using rose water spray as a pick-me-up throughout your flight to revive your skin


To ensure your face stays hydrated on the plane, invest in a good sheet mask. If you
want one that will give your skin a soothing effect, be sure it has ingredients like watermelon extract, and hydrating amino acids. Doing it on the flight can be super relaxing and pass the time pleasingly. Just make sure you don’t give adjacent passengers a fright!


Seeing as though excess oil (caused by those changes in air caused by cabin time) can trigger breakouts for acne-prone skin, blotting papers are a great product to turn to. Oil usually begins to show up around your chin, forehead, and cheeks by mid-morning, so having blotting papers nearby should save the day and have you looking fresh when you disembark the flight. Consider opting for actual paper blotters that are made out of naturally-derived and biodegradable material.


To safely arrive at your destination looking bright and refreshed, use a serum with vitamin C or andtibacterial properties, which is particularly welcome on a germ-filled flight. The serum penetrates skin deeply with a strong shot of all the good cleansing stuff your face will be craving after time in the air.


If you’ve spent most of your flight sleeping, then a bronzing primer can give your
skin the reboot, glimmer and glow you need. Look for one with natural ingredients and oil-free credentials for sustained, stunning results.