Running a modern-day business, with all the conveniences and curses which the digital world has brought, requires a very different approach to the good ol’ days. Never was this truer than in the remit of security; protecting your business is a multi-faceted, ever changing game of chess which requires you to think several moves ahead if you’re to stay safe. Right now, these are the basic precautions you need to consider when running a company; our 6 IDEAL steps to better protecting your business.


The virtual world requires a very different kind of protection to the physical, but in this day and age, cybercrime is the biggest threat to modern businesses, especially smaller brands that might not have adequate protection in place as standard. It’s imperative you get properly protected, then. Most crucially, do not get caught out on the basics; make sure that you have high-quality and up-to-date cyber security in the form of antivirus software, a firewall, and that you’re operating behind a VPN.

As more of us are working from home it’s never been as important to keep our data safe. Laurence from Covert LTD a private investigation company in Bristol says that “We are seeing more cases of data breaches during this pandemic than ever before, this is from people taking their companies work home and not having a secure network”

David a computer security expert from Firewall Technical also confirms this and says “when working from home it’s very important to use a firewall, anti-virus software and malware scanners as your computer system can be more vulnerable than in a business environment where tech teams lookout for this kind of thing for you”.


Following this, though many modern businesses use third-party cloud apps for their storage needs, they can also pose a security gap because they’ll be processing and storing company data. Subsequently, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a prudent investment, as it enables you to monitor and control the usage of these apps so that you can restrict unauthorised access and protect important data from outsiders.


Yep, it’s vital that you have the right security measures in place against online threats, but the best form of protection against cybercrime is prevention rather than cure. Stay abreast of the latest threats, then, by educating yourself and your team on safe usage of devices and how to protect data. This includes key steps like:

  • Complex passwords changed regularly
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Learning about scams
  • Backing up data externally


Though protecting your online presence is where so much attention and capital is paid, it would be incredibly foolish to overlook the physical aspect of your company, too.

Especially pertinent is overnight security for your premises; criminals will target businesses because they know that offices are usually vacant overnight, and there may be cash and/or equipment on site. This is why you need to invest in physical security or manned security which can protect your business and stop criminals in their tracks. A few of the essential products worth using include:

  • Intruder alarms
  • CCTV cameras
  • A safe
  • Motion-detector lighting
  • Smart locks


While still considering the physical side of your business, fire is an ever present threat and one which needs to be taken seriously because it can do much more than damage the business. If you don’t adequately safeguard your premises, you could be breaking the law. You can protect your business from fire by:

  • Installing smoke detectors
  • Having ventilation
  • Having an emergency evacuation plan
  • Having fire extinguishers


Many things can go wrong in the business world, especially in landscaping. This is why you need to have adequate landscaping insurance in place – especially important for smaller businesses that might struggle to manage certain problems.

An unforeseen disaster can bankrupt your company in the blink of an eye if you operate without insurance. What’s more, in many cases, you’ll be breaking the law by not having it. There are many different types of business insurance, and it will depend on your company, its nature and structure, but a few types to consider include:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

And with that, we hope your business goes from strength to safe and secure strength.

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