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Homeowners can become bored with the same-old interior year after year. It only serves to amplify the rut you find yourself stuck in; the same old career, the same old kids, the same old husband…..Joking aside, breathing new life into the property you call home can help to transform the home’s style and atmosphere, hopefully giving fresh perspective on your life along the way. To help you do so, here are 6 IDEAL tips on how to revamp your home’s interior.

Update Your Furniture

Furniture, unfortunately, is prone to wear and tear. This goes especially for the softest, most loved pieces, for with every parked bottom comes the danger of damage. The ‘lived in’ look is fine up to a point, but not only is a worn out sofa less comfy than a plump, purt new one, its tired appearance is also likely to detract from your décor.

To ensure your interior design stands out in your guests’ minds, update your furniture every few years if needed; revamping your home’s style doesn’t have to mean an expensive investment in a brand new suite. Instead of paying the full RRP for furniture, head for an auction house in one of the country’s big cities, where the selection tends to be larger and prices are often lower. Aim to secure a fantastic deal at auctions in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham or London. Alternatively, have a nose around smaller car boot sales and antiques shops in the hope of snagging a bargain.

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Repaint Your Home

A splash of paint might be all that is needed to transform your interior design and your spirits. Painting a single wall in a bright colour can transform a dull room into a larger, happier space. Additionally, you can select a colour to complement your existing sofa, bed or dining table, meaning you don’t need to update the throws or colours of all the room’s furniture – and you could even incorporate a few smaller, more affordable furniture pieces into the décor to create a new look, such as an armchair or coffee table.

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Layer Your Lighting

The lighting you choose can determine the atmosphere within a room and even subtle changes to this can have big impacts. If your room feels dull and lifeless, you might simply need to alter its lighting. To create a warm, romantic ambience, layer your lighting to add much-needed snugness to a space. You could combine a table lamp with wall lighting and the flickers a candle flame to create a relaxing glow across a room.

Re-upholster Old Furniture

Rather than saying au revoir to your sofa or dining chair, you could always reupholster your furniture to revamp your interior style. By adding a new fabric to an existing armchair or sofa, you can create a chic new style that will look as good as new to your guests. Lighter additions, such as new throws or cushion covers, also help give old furniture a new feel.

Add Height and Colour with Artwork

Do you want to add height into your interior design? Consider hanging a work of art on your walls; preferably one which serves as a statement and focal point for the room, directing a guest’s eye upwards towards your ceilings. Remember to pay attention to selecting a piece which complements your colour scheme – you want your décor to pop, after all. If you don’t have a massive budget for art (but you do have skills with the brush and easel) you could always create your own artwork to hang within the home – a personal touch, and much more affordable too.

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Add Texture

Texture can bring together an amalgamation of items and ideas to create a cohesive interior design, as it can emphasise the feel of rough, shiny or coarse materials within a room. Add texture into a room by incorporating patterned wallpaper, shaggy rugs and different coloured cushions in various designs. It’s an effective way to add a touch of homeliness into your space, and the unique interior will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests.