7 Fun Decorating Ideas For Your Toddler’s Bedroom

Decorating your toddler’s rooms is a fun and exciting process, but it can also be tricky knowing where to start. A child’s bedroom should be a place they can rest in while also being a place for creative play and learning.

It can be hard to find the balance between designing a relaxing space for your child that’s also Pinterest-worthy and versatile enough to last through their changing tastes and developing hobbies. Fear not; there are some truly amazing decorating ideas for your kid’s bedroom out there, and if you’re finding yourself stuck and in need of some inspiration, take a look at these 7 fun decorating ideas for your toddler’s bedroom.

Work Out A Colour Scheme

Whether you want to keep things neutral or go for clashing bold shades, the colours you choose to paint your toddler’s room are an important part of the decorating process. According to colour experts, the shade of your child’s room can actually have an impact on their behaviour. Colours like green and blue have a calming effect, while shades of yellow and orange promote confidence, motivation and concentration. If you’re more prone to minimal colour schemes, try painting walls in cool, light shades which also aid relaxation, and add a pop of bright colour with a feature wall.

Say It With Stickers

We’ve all heard of self adhesive wallpaper, but we bet you didn’t know that you can get wall art stickers, too? Inspire your toddler’s imagination, provide an educational tool, or simply celebrate their favourite hobbies through stickers.

Right now, there are some great personalized wall stickers on the market. Simply peel off the back covering of the personalized wall stickers and put them on a clean, dry, and smooth surface. Use an application tool to smooth out any trapped air and to make sure that personalized wall stickers are firmly fastened.

Despite the fact that these great personalized wall stickers are made to adhere to the wall securely and for a long time, users may remove them if they really need to make small alterations or relocate them, which is supremely useful when responding to your child’s inevitably changing tastes! 

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Reflect Their Interests

Most toddlers are bound to have an obsession or two, so incorporating the things they love into the bedroom is sure to put a smile on their face! This can be done by including themed beds or wallpaper in the space, or could be achieved more subtly with some printed bedding or ornaments. If your child loves all things princess-related, for example, reflect this by adding some glittery accessories or regal looking furniture into the decor.

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Encourage Creativity

Since young children are constantly growing and developing their skills, it’s important to keep their imaginations active. Setting up a little table in your child’s room for art and crafts is an easy way to encourage creative flair through drawing and painting. Fill a board with your toddler’s paintings, family photo’s or just images they feel drawn to for a beautiful moodboard. Creating a reading den in a space of the bedroom is also a great idea, giving your child a dedicated space to look through books and be read bedtime stories.

Chalk Wall

When you were a kid, you’d get scolded for scribbling on the wall, but with a chalkboard wall you (and your toddler) can draw as much as you want, guilt and reprimand free! Chalkboard paint is a fun way to transform your room with hardly any effort and is ideal if you’ve got creative kids in the family, perfect for nurturing that artistic side, don’t you think?

Even if they’re not the most artistic, kids will love playing games of noughts and crosses or hangman on the chalkboard wall. Hey, you could even trick them into doing some math exercises if they get a thrill from drawing on the walls!

A Collage Of Your Toddler’s Art

Or, if the idea of drawing on the walls, even if it’s on a dedicated chalk wall, scares you, then how about a more contained collage of your toddler’s art?

Parents will know all too well; it’s a daily occurrence when your child brings home a picture they’ve made from nursery, some good, some less so. Soon the paper starts piling up and only so many works of art will fit on the front of your fridge. Instead, transform your stack of ‘originals’ from your kids into something that will actually look stylish in your home with a collage frame.

We suggest framing their more abstract pieces, especially. After all, there’s often a striking similarity between works of abstract expressionism and paintings by children – you might even have your guests mistake your child’s expressionist pieces for valuable works!

Add Some Fun Details

Let’s face it, as much as you might want to, you can’t really get away with teddy bear themed curtains or a race car bed in your own bedroom, so decorating your toddler’s room gives you the perfect opportunity to really have some fun! Add details like a quirky patterned rug, a cosy corner for them to get creative, or even an adorable ceiling mural to delight your little one.

Shop around for cute accessories that will give the space the perfect finishing touch, such as nightlights, light shades and quirky furniture that you could even paint yourself to match the colour scheme.

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