Being the super-sassy, best version of you is only a few simple steps away. Whilst this statement may seem a little optimistic, it really does ring true. The tricks of the models, Instagram influencers and style gurus are just that, tricks. And those in the know swear by just seven. With this in mind, here are 7 IDEAL style tips inspired by all those fashionistas out there. 

Knowledge of the Latest Fashions

If you’re in the dark about the latest fashions, then get in the know by reading industry magazines and analysing websites that shine a light on what the trendiest people are wearing, right now. Even if the styles seem a little far fetched and the flourishes expensive, it’s good to have a baseline to work from. You’ll be able to incorporate your own, unique style with what’s hot right now and reach a compromise with your wardrobe in the process. Talk to friends who are into, or work in, fashion and ask invite them on a shopping excursion. They can point out what’s in style and give you tips from beyond the changing room door.

A Statement Haircut

Taking care of your hair is a must, clearly. Go a little further though with a statement haircut; something just off centre which will attract attention and envious glances in equal measure. Hit the salon on a consistent basis and change up your hair based on your mood and what’s fashionable at the time. Your hairdresser should be able to offer you up advice and give their opinion on what styles are in and what will fit your face shape and natural colouring. The nice aspect about hair is that you can always change it with colour or the cut and length. Deferring to the experts is always a wise move and remember, it’s always okay to show off and feel proud of your looks.

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A Flashy Bag or Tote

Every woman needs to have a fashionable bag or tote on their arm, for both practical and fashionable functions. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being on the move, in town, with the confidence of knowing your bag is being admired by all. Buy one that’s versatile, as this is one staple item you’ll definitely get enough mileage from.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Although it may take a bit of time (and a few dud pairs!) to find, it’s worth your energy to properly seek out the perfect pair of jeans. We all know when we’ve found them; they never leave our legs and are our go-to for every occasion. Find a pair that’s flattering on your body shape and in a wash that’s both attractive and won’t lose it’s colour over time. Once the holy grail has been attained, dress them up or down depending on the occasion and save money in the process by not having to invest in multiple pairs.

A Set of Seasonal Hats

One hat is nice, but multiple hats to suit the seasons is surely a necessity for the modern, stylish woman. Think further outside the box than simply bobble hats for winter and baseball caps in summer. A well-purposed hat can save the embarrassment of a bad hair day by covering all manner of sins. It also serves the purpose of keeping your head warm and looking attractive when you’re out and about – a double win, then. You only need a few good hats, and you’ll be set for any encounter.

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A Black Dress

Ah, the black dress. The absolute must-have in any woman’s closet, and as such, it ought to be just right. Shop until you find one that brings out your best features and that you can see yourself wearing on multiple occasions. Black is classy, sophisticated and always brings out a sense of confidence in you when you’re wearing it. Best of all, it’s suitable for just about any occasion.

A Tiny Dog

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy a dog just to look fashionable here, that would be utterly ridiculous and we would judge you. Not just for Christmas, and all that. However, dogs are adorable, no doubt, and arguably at their cutest when they’re miniature-sized and peeping out of your purse. If you already own a pet then purchasing clothes and accessories for your dog can be a whole lot of fun, and give the personal touch so favoured by the fashionistas. Consider visiting a retailer, such as Berties Boutique, who pride themselves on providing high-quality designer fashion items, such as winter coats, waterproof jackets, designer dog collars in various fabrics, dog beds, playpens and even pet strollers.

Accessories that Stand Out

Never leave home without an accessory or two. Stock your inventory to be versatile and adaptable, so you’re always in a position to add a pop of colour and excitement to any outfit you own.  In moments of low confidence in your outfit, accessories can give the necessary je ne sais quoi you’re after. This is when you should turn to a glamorous pair of earrings or statement necklace to spruce up your outfit and self-esteem both at once. Pay attention to your shoes and purse as well.

You have the ability to look and feel fabulous with the right mindset and fashion choices. All you need is a few pieces that help you step up your game. These are simple things every woman needs to be stylish.

Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.