9 Modern Day Versions Of Traditional Halloween Costumes To Try This 31st Of October

It’s that spine-tingling time of the year again! As cobwebs and carved pumpkins start to adorn houses and shops, we’re reignited with a youngster’s enthusiasm for Halloween. Not just for amassing a delightful assortment of trick or treat goodies, but the process of transforming oneself into fantastically thrilling characters for one night only. 

But we’re in the year 2023, and where would the fun be found if we didn’t spin our wicked Halloween takes into a modern tale? Trick, treat or just endless tedium, today we’re coming up with some new age costumes, a fresh take on the Halloween classics. With that in mind, here are our 9 contemporary spins on traditional Halloween costumes:

Green Witch (Queens Of Sustainability)

No more broom-riding unpleasant witches! Instead, take a trendy and eco-friendly twist to the old-time witch costume with an Earth-loving Green Witch. This costume can create awareness about environmental issues while looking the part. Try adding leaf motifs to your witch dress, wear flower crowns instead of pointy hats and trade the broom for a reusable water bottle!

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Cyborg Vampires

Consider giving the classic vampire a futuristic edge for your halloween costumes this year! Deck out in metallic silver, with LED lights as your new age fangs. Use a metallic voice changer to add an extra freaky cybernetic touch. A new breed of vampires has landed in the 21st century!

Zombie Influencer

Why not collide the world of soul-sucking undead with the present-day obsession with the digital domain? With face makeup resembling popular filters, an LED ring light accessory, and your zombie costume, you’ll be the most contemporary undead creature on the street and at the spooky soiree

Vegan Werewolf

Switch out the hairy, savage werewolf with an updated, health-conscious image that highlights the zeitgeist of today’s global society. Dress up as a werewolf and advocate for a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t harm any animals – but still howls at the moon.

Mummified Yoga Guru

Pair both ancient traditions and new-age practices with this transformative costume. Wrap yourself up like a traditional mummy, but add a yoga mat slung crossbody as well as meditation beads. Show up at every Halloween party in the tree pose with your ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics tattoo.

Plague Doctor Facemask Fashionista

Mix some dark history with a trendy facemask with this one. Carrying a staff reminiscent of a traditional plague doctor and rocking a uniquely designed facemask, you won’t fail to draw all eyes on you and your invigorating fashion sense.

Renaissance Alien

To break the mould from little green bodies, try dressing up as an out-of-the-world being channeling the style of the Renaissance. Think tapestry dresses with futuristic headpieces—embody a higher life form with a leaning towards classic beauty.

AI Ghost

Why not use the fear of Artificial Intelligence to your advantage? Drape yourself in a metallic silver cloth and craft a futuristic digital aura with LED light strips wrapped around. The combination perfectly illuminates both present-day fears and traditional spookiness.

Steampunk Skeleton

Adorn skeleton print on bronze coloured Victorian clothing, with gear motifs and pocket watches dangling, for your very own Steampunk inspired costume. The fusion of the eerie image of a skeleton with a steam-powered, gear-turning aesthetic would definitely turn heads.

The Bottom Line

This Halloween, let’s put our creativity to test and make traditional meet trendy. Grab fun, fashion, and fear by the reins, and ride into the haunted sunset with these modern-day spins on classic Halloween costumes. You are bound to cast a spell with these ideas at any Halloween bash you will haunt this 31st of October.

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