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In recent years, a whole host of celebrities have extolled the virtues of healing crystals, but in reality, semi-precious stones have been used for millennia because of their perceived positive effect on mind, body and soul. In fact, there are historical references to healing crystals in Ancient Sumerian, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman literature. Since they’ve stood the test of time, they must be doing something right, even if it’s largely because they look beautiful.

Right now, we could all do with a little positive energy, don’t you think? Although scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that crystals can actually cure ailments, they are thought to have a placebo effect. As such, they have the ability to enhance your life in sometimes unexpected ways.

Whether you choose to believe in their healing potential or simply carry one as a good luck charm, here’s an introduction to healing crystals, IDEAL for introducing some positive energy.


According to adherents, crystals and gemstones have a stable energy pattern that doesn’t change, with each one having a certain frequency and energy field. 

Crystal healing using Orgonite pyramid or other similar crystals is an alternative therapy that includes the use of gemstones to bring a reported balance to the body and mind, with followers maintaining that healing crystals can bring back harmony to the unstable energy field in a human body. 

For those who believe, healing crystals have the ability to make us feel more tranquil and positive. Moreover, crystals may increase our focus and sooth pain, if only via a placebo effect. It’s important to note that the discipline believes healing crystals also have their own unique energies that align to the different areas of life depending on their colour and type.

When you use crystals and their energy, you can enhance your abilities through them and that can help you find your spiritual guide, your spirit animal. All gemstones and crystals are connected with animal forms – insects, fish, mammals, etc. By choosing the crystal that you prefer you also chooses the animal that’s your guide, which will protect you and take care for you in any sense – mental, physical or spiritual. They will tell you a lot about yourself and your character, your view of life and perception in general.

For more on the specifics, check out this guide to 7 of the best healing crystals and where to place them at home.


Choosing the right crystal depends on what you are looking for and what you need it for. As mentioned above, each crystal has a different purpose as some may help in your meditation session while others are used to provide comfort and healing.

It is important to buy healing crystals from a trusted vendor. Moreover, it is always a plus if the vendor knows the history of the stones they are selling. Unfortunately, the sourcing of healing crystals isn’t always ethical. To ensure yours have been mined ethically, prioritise purchasing from vendors who sell crystals sourced from mines in the US or UK. Always ask your vendor about the origins of their product. Additionally, you should actually look to pay more, since higher prices suggest proper labour practices were used in the crystal’s mining.


Healing crystals, in a similar way to gemstones, need to be cleaned, whether that’s because you believe in their potential for positivity, or you simply want them to look their best.

When you clean crystals, it’s believed that you are removing the dense energy they picked up from their surroundings. The right way to clean your crystals depends on where they are kept. 

If you put them on an altar, then cleaning them once a month will do. However, if you wear your crystals regularly, then they should be cleaned once a week. Note that if someone else touches your crystals, you need to clean them right away because they may have picked up the energy of that person. 

Below are a few ways to clean healing crystals:

  1. Bury your stones in earth for one week. When they return to earth, the stones recharge and get cleansed.
  2. Wash them in saltwater. However, some stones disintegrate when they get wet, in general, any stone that ends with “ite” should not get wet.
  3. Put your stones outside under the moonlight for 3 nights before and 3 nights after the full moon. If that is not possible, then leave them for at least 24 hours.
  4. Simply wipe your stones with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Purify them by burning sage and pass the stones through the smoke.

Some people say that some stones, like orgonite, shouldn’t be cleaned at all. However, this simply isn’t the case; the real Orgone pyramid should be cleaned, either by water, moonlight or by burning sage, as it can pick up negative energy if dust accumulates. 


First, you need to identify what you might be trying to amend in your life in order to choose the right stone for you. 

There are many types of healing stones, but out of them, 6 are the most popular; Jade, citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise, and clear quartz. Each stone has its own properties and serves different purposes. Then, set your intention. Put the stone on the part that you want to heal in your body and set your intention to heal this part. 

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