It’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The festive season this year has, without doubt, taken on a different complexion, but even after the year everyone’s had, it doesn’t feel right to settle for a shrug of the shoulders and a Christmas Day spent in your PJs. 

In fact, 2020’s trials, tribulations and time spent indoors gives us more of an excuse than ever to dress up and make merry! We’d go as far as saying; you owe it to yourself. Here at IDEAL, we’re wearing our sequins and velvet black dresses to work every day already – and yes, we are working from home like most of the nation! 

To accessorise our sparkly and festive Christmas outfits (and to match the glitter of the tree’s fairy lights) we’re having a lot of fun with festive jewellery this year – because the more pizzaz and glamour this year, the better.

Whether you want to add some extra sparkles to your already sparkly outfit, ramp up the glamour on your Christmas day ensemble, or simply bring the festive cheer to your every day in the lead up to the 25th, here’s the IDEAL jewellery to accessorise with this Christmas.


It wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive costume jewellery. And let’s be honest, it’s the one time of year when we’re truly comfortable embracing camp, kitsch and cheese, with tacky flourishes of the season a real joy. Make things more Crimbo than Christmastide this year and unleash your inner silliness – after all, festive costume jewellery can never go out of fashion if it was never in fashion.

The world of Christmas novelty can be a fun one, spreading cheer to all. Think Jingle bell earrings and bauble necklaces that you can always find at Claire’s Accessories or even in Flying Tiger. 

The brasher and bolder, the better we say! Yep, we’re particularly fond of brooches that play music and the earrings that light up! That said, it can be easy to end up looking like a Christmas tree when it comes to costume jewellery. Remember that less is sometimes more.


Though we realise we’ve just extolled the virtues of letting loose at Christmas, if you’re more demure than diva, then something small and delicate is the ideal accessory. Some simple yet refined diamond stud earrings can elevate and add some sparkle to any outfit, and bring an elegant touch to match the tasteful white lights of the tree. 

The wonderful thing about diamond earrings is that, depending on their size, they can add a delicate sparkle or be a subtle statement piece. For something understated, a simple solitaire style is perfect. However, if you’d like to make more of a statement, then consider stud earrings in a halo design. A matching dainty necklace would tie the look together perfectly.

While the traditional round diamond studs show classic elegance, consider some star, snowflake or wreath shaped studs – it is Christmas, after all. 


As the guys over at Elle Magazine point out, a happy medium can be found when it comes to Christmas jewellery – somewhere between those crazy costume pieces and simple subtle sparkles we’ve already spoken about. 

Indeed, while the season invites us to dial up the glitz several notches higher than usual, you needn’t throw your usual fashion sensibilities out of the frosted winter window. There are a number of gorgeous, on trend pieces out there that are fashionably festive. We love Elle’s roundup of Christmas earrings that you’ll definitely wear again which exist “somewhere on a scale of subtle-to-extra-AF – without reaching novelty territory”. The ideal Christmas compromise, right there.



The Christmas brooch – it’s something of a sparkly annual tradition. We’ve watched the Queen wear one during her Christmas Day broadcast for years – with some last year interpreting her jewellery choice as a way of showing support for remaining in the European Union

Whatever the message, there’s no doubt that brooches can add a festive touch to any outfit. From festive foliage inspired brooches to rhinestone jingle bells and other iconic Christmas symbols, adorn your cardigans and sweaters with just one for a subtle effect, or dozens of dazzling, jewel-encrusted design brooches for something all the more spectacular. 


Ice, Ice Baby! Indeed, ice shouldn’t just be on the ground and in your cocktails this Christmas.

Consider the opposite of those demure diamond earrings we mentioned earlier. We’re talking about crystal drop earrings, rhinestone necklaces and Swarovski inspired pieces; big, brash and bling…we love it! Whether it’s cubic zirconia or real stones, if ever there was time for some extra be gaudily glamorous, it’s now. And remember, it’s Christmas, so you’d be forgiven for throwing all the usual rules of fashion, jewellery and etiquette right out of the window.

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