If you have been blessed with a full head of curls, it is best to work with, not against, the hair’s natural texture. In order to rock a curly hairstyle, your ringlets or waves need to be cared for correctly. We’ve asked Leo Bancroft to share his tip tips on how to get perfect curls.

Don’t wash your hair too much 

Curls look their best a few days after a wash so shampoo as infrequently as possible. If you have a lot of thick hair, then once a week is advisable; otherwise, twice a week or as little as you can handle. A lot of washing can just cause hair to dry out and cause frizz-prone curly hair to be dry and unmanageable.


Load up curls with plenty of conditioner and moisturising products to fight against frizz. Squeeze the water out of your hair, detangle with a wide-tooth comb, and apply a rich conditioner which will nourish and moisturise hair. Conditioners deposit conditioning properties on the hair which work as a humidity- resistant barrier to keep you frizz proof for the entire day.

Lock in moisture

Completely prevent curly frizz by treating hair to a treatment once a week. Increase penetration by keeping the hair warm or coat the hair shaft in Argan Oil.

Get the right cut

Curly hair looks its best when at shoulder length or longer. Getting layers cut in helps to lighten the cut and avoid it looking heavy. Always remember that your curls will drop as your hair gets longer due to the weight of the hair shaft so if you’re looking for tight curls, keep hair shorter. If you have the right face shape, cropped curly styles can look equally as good however avoid razor cuts which will only add to the frizz.

Control your drying

Hair dryers aren’t always your best friend. After a quick air dry you will be left with undefined, fuzzy ringlets. Be sure to squeeze out excess water before drying and after applying hair product, dry with a diffuser which helps to disperse the air flow to dry curls evenly whilst keeping them intact. You could also individually spiral each curl to get a defined blow-dry and use a curling tong to emphasise curls.

Be product savvy

It is key to use a product that works with your hairs texture. If your hair is fine then you want a lightweight product which will still remove frizz, define curls and will hold the style in place. My Glamorously Curly Control and Shine Cream is perfect for defining, controlling and keeping curls looking healthy. If your hair is slightly thicker and is in need of more control mix the Control and Shine Cream with a little Ultimately Intense Deep Moisture Mask to ends only.

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