In a  survey from UltraDEX, 35% of people said that a nice smile is the first thing they notice about someone. With that in mind, spare a thought for your pearly whites this summer. Holidays can often involve over-indulging on food and drink, as well as an irregular brushing routine, so follow these tips for healthy teeth and gums on your travels:

1. Along with your bathing suit, sunglasses and sun lotion, don’t forget your toothbrush! The complementary hotel toothbrush just doesn’t compare to your own

2. If squeezing into the toilet cubicle to clean your teeth is just too much to bear, the UltraDEX Fresh Breath Oral spray helps you feel fresh on a long flight and ensures optimal oral health on the go. The conveniently sized pump action spray is a hand luggage essential

3. Snack wisely: wherever your travels take you, soft fruit is likely to be in abundance. But over-indulgence of highly acidic foods and drinks can lead to enamel erosion and tooth decay. So keep your sugar hits to a maximum of four per day – yes that includes fruit!

4. If you’re super organised, 2 weeks before you travel, start using the UltraDEX Recalcifying & Whitening Toothpaste for exceptional oral care, stronger brighter teeth and healthy gums. This will gently oxidise organic stains and reveal the true whiteness of your teeth within 14 days. You’ll notice those pearly whites really stand out against the healthy glow you’re inevitably going to pick up the minute you leave the UK

4. Be honest, when was the last time you paid a visit to the dentist? Before you leave the country, it’s well worth getting your teeth checked out. Nothing spoils holiday fun faster than a toothache

Once you’ve got all that in hand, you’re ready to floss and go!