On an island awash with choice, it’s hard for the little guy to stand out. Family run finds its voice hard to be heard against the backdrop of corporate yelling. For those wishing to make an impression, it’s important to find your place in the pecking order and deliver your message perfectly. Hosana has it nailed.


The upper-tier of Phu Quoc resorts, with boutique spas and internationally catered for restaurants, is full to bursting. The sandy toed, guitar strumming budger traveller also has myriad options. But what of the middle ground? Of those minding the pennies whilst appreciative of home comforts and a good night’s sleep? Hosana, you have found your niche.


Hosana is in the mid-west of Phu Quoc, Vietnam, set ten minutes back from beach and amongst a few local food joints. A short walk away is the excellent Mango Bay restaurant, for great dining and romantic vibes.


The place is family run and offers a warm welcome and friendly feel throughout. The family dog and various children frolic and play in the main area and you feel at home from the moment you walk in. A large swimming pool sits in the middle of two-storeys of rooms, offering a focal point and spaciousness.


Rooms are large and accommodating, with beds of a similar size and comfort level as the showier affairs of the island. Clean and minimalist yes, but all you could ask for when in and amongst nature’s bounty.


The hotel offers a spa with rates competitive. You’d be crazy not to as you can experience being pampered without doing too much harm to your wallet.

Food and Drink

The small welcome area serves also as the restaurant, with breakfast offering noodle soup and eggs done a variety of ways. Similar, simple Vietnamese fare is available all day.

Why Go

Whilst Phu Quoc seems to be catering more and more for the spend-happy traveller looking for a break of being spoiled and indulgence, there are still many other demographics on the island looking for a cheaper stay and more traditional experience. If you are that person, then you could go much further wrong than Hosana. 


IDEAL stayed at the hotel as a guest and received a complimentary stay