Say goodbye to the streaming eyes, runny nose, sneezing fits and the general puffy-face misery of hay fever

For many of us, summer is the time to don our flirty floral dresses, slip on our sandals and prettily plait our hair. However, your stunning summer look can easily be ruined by one thing: hay fever.

According to the NHS website, one in five of us suffer from hay fever: that’s why many of us spend the warmer weather with streaming eyes and a running nose.  With this in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide packed full of everything you’ll need to handle your hay fever this season.


A hay fever sufferer’s best friend during the summer is their trusty pack of antihistamines! When a hay fever sufferer comes into contact with pollen, histamine is released. The body recognises the pollen as a threat and releases the chemical in order to minimise the effect it can have, usually resulting in streaming eyes and sneezing. Taking an antihistamine blocks the effects of histamine which in turn prevents pollen causing a reaction in the body.

Antihistamines are most commonly found in tablet form, although there are nasal sprays and creams available too. They’re relatively cheap to buy: use online pharmacy sites like Medicines2U and stock up on them now so you don’t run out!


Walking around with streaming eyes can not only attract some strange looks from others, it can result in a makeup disaster! Keep on top of your tears by carrying a packet of tissues around with you, so you’re prepared for when hay fever strikes. Avoid buying aloe vera infused tissues as the scent could cause your eyes to run even more.


They may not be the most obvious item when it comes to relieving hay fever symptoms, but a pair of wraparound sunglasses are actually really effective when it comes to protecting the eyes from pollen. Not only can they relieve your symptoms, they’ll look great too!