How To Keep Your Décor Timeless & Trend-Proof 

Here’s a surprising statistic that should command your attention for a wee while; the building and construction industry makes up about 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, according to a report by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF), as reported in Business of Home Magazine.

Hang on, we haven’t got to the surprising part yet. That is, as the report outlines, that ‘’Over the course of an average building’s life span, the carbon footprint of its interiors will equal if not exceed that of the structure’s construction.’’

Trends come and go, that much has always been true. But in recent years, an increase in ‘fast furniture’ as a response to those changing trends has only contributed more to landfill, with the problem only set to worsen. 

The solution? In terms of both sustainability and style, is to seek out durable, long-lasting furniture that’s timeless and trend-proof. Here’s how to do just that.

Use A Grounding, Neutral Colour Palette

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re not being swept up and away on the flow of fleeting trends is to maintain a neutral colour palette at home.

Doing so enables you to change the entire room’s vibe by changing the accents and décor pieces, without having to invest in a slew of new flatpack furniture items each and every time you fancy an aesthetic shift. 

Using neutral colours, such as whites and greys for walls, floors and larger pieces of furniture, makes redecorating and refurbishing much easier, creating a blank canvas of sorts, ideal for further flashes of inspiration, but without introducing a colour scheme which could quickly become dated.

Generally speaking, more than three different tones in one room can be overwhelming (and look old fashioned), so try to stick to just two shades at most. A formula of sorts, for the mathematically inclined, could read: cream sofa + white chair = one tone. 

Remember that if you’re struggling with inspiration for your colour palette, pick up some free paint samples and give them a trial run on the wall before making any more finite decisions; it’s much cheaper than an entire tin of paint but gives a good representation of how things might look.

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Don’t Make Your Television The Focal Point 

Let’s be honest here; a truly timeless interior design wouldn’t feature a TV at all. In the modern world, particularly in the living room, that’s not quite so feasible. 

The answer? To conceal your TV in place, or have it wall-mounted so it becomes less of a focal point. 

Some people will install furniture items like cabinets with doors that can hold a TV. Others may use recesses in the wall and cover them up. A third option is to disguise your television when not in use by getting it wall-mounted behind a sliding cabinet door that can be closed to hide the television.

If you are unsure how to go about it, click here and get free professional advice on wall-mounting your television and concealing it; this isn’t a job that’s safely completed in the hands of amateurs, we should add!

Deploy More Natural Materials

The vast majority of furniture items that fall under the fast furniture umbrella are made from synthetic materials, so if you want your room to feel classy and timeless, then you might want to look to the natural world to provide the answers. 

The added bonus, of course, is the longevity of such materials. Real hardwood floors and furniture made from high quality wood will stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and being trend-proof, whilst granite countertops also look and feel the part. 

If you have stone walls, you may even choose to expose them to let their natural appeal shine out onto the rest of the room, unimpeded, which is both on-trend right now, and timeless in its appeal.

Classical Balance & Symmetry

Sure, a quirky, chaotic space may look funky and ‘now’, but we’re here to consider timeless styles, and let’s face it, a certain amount of symmetry can look pretty nice, too.

The latter can be achieved by dividing the room into either two parts or four parts and then balancing the elements in each part. This creates visual depth and stops one piece from becoming too overwhelming. For example, try balancing out a floor to ceiling window with a large, floor to ceiling cupboard or closet. 

Indeed, timeless room designs have one, overriding thing in common – balance. This can be achieved by employing clean lines and not overcrowding a space. This applies to maximalist aesthetics, too; balancing out all your trinkets, keepsakes and miscellaneous items is the key to avoid an overly cluttered look.

On the other hand, with no balance present, your room can feel too bare! Balance enables the eyes to rest and stops you from becoming overwhelmed within a space, and this poised, almost regal aesthetic is as on-trend as it ever was.

The Enduring Power Of Natural Light

Dark, dingy, and depressing? It’ll never catch on.

Indeed, perhaps the most enduring interior design trend of all is that which embraces natural light, promoting its flow and maximising its potential. For more on doing just that, check out our tips on how to allow more natural light in your home.

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