It’s a time of existential crisis for so many. In the face of a global pandemic, an uncertain job market and a volatile, reactionary political climate, folk of all ages are revaluating their lives. 

No age group, it seems, is doing more soul-searching right now than millennials, deemed the ‘lost generation’ by some, having lived through a whole host of global crises, depressions and recessions. No wonder many are considering a new career path, partner or calling in life to help face down the world’s next post-pandemic chapter without fear.  

If you are one of the many keen to take control of your life’s narrative in the coming years, then read on; here’s how to start afresh in your 30s in 4 IDEAL steps.


We’ve all seen the recent troubling news that between the months of March and July, unemployment benefit claims increased massively to 2.7 million in total. Many more are living a state of uncertainty about their job’s future. 

More still are considering using this period of upheaval as the catalyst for a career change they’ve been longing for. The work/life balance, pros and cons of working from home, and an increased desire for financial stability have all been drawn into sharp focus, and the UK looks set for drastic reappraisals of the very meaning of ‘work’ over the coming months. 

Instead of chasing a paycheck in a job you resent, now could be the perfect time to instead pursue your passions; if recent developments have taught us anything, it’s that meaning and contentment is found in family, friendship and spreading positivity. Perhaps you might find yours along similar avenues?


Recent months, of love in lockdown, blurred boundaries between work and home, and socially distanced sexual encounters have left many millennials questioning the type of relationship they want to have going forward. 

According to research by Relate, because of the extra strain put on domestic harmony because of lockdown, nearly 10% of respondents have decided to end their relationship. On the flip side, this period of turbulence has seen many yearning for stability and the comfort of a long term partner. If the latter sounds like you, it might be time to change your approach to dating behaviour. 

Rather than the endless, meaningless swiping of Tinder et al, why not try a more bespoke dating service? Elite Dating, for instance, abandons an algorithm in favour of real people behind the scenes facilitating real connections with people who are like-minded and have similar aspirations. Sounds like the ideal thing for those seeking answers to uncertain futures, don’t you think?

If this has piqued your interest, do check out our 7 IDEAL tips on dating in your thirties successfully for more.


Some sage on Twitter suggested that we’ll all emerge from this topsy-turvy period either ‘a hunk, a chunk, a monk, or a drunk’. Indeed, various lockdowns and limbos have led many on divergent paths, and vices have been vying for attention with an urge to keep things on the straight and narrow for some time now.

Right now, as it always was, nothing is more important than your health. If you’re to tackle a new start in your thirties with the kind of vigour and verve you usually reserved for your younger years, then it’s vital you take care of your physical health. That fresh start is in danger of turning stale, fast, otherwise.

The NHS also offers some fantastic tips on how to make the right choices for your health and wellbeing, including weight loss and exercise advice.

Let’s put it bluntly, if you fail to care for your physical health, you could suffer from the following issues in your 40s:

  • Decreased muscle mass
  • A slow metabolism
  • Obesity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Check out our article on the reasons why exercise is increasingly important in your 30s for more on the subject! But perhaps read it while you’re on the treadmill or something.


Your mental health deserves the same amount of love, with a fresh start most aptly realised in a mind free from stress and clutter. Be sure to observe mindful moments regularly, enabling you to take stock of life’s incessant shapeshifting with a fresh, balanced perspective.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude, for the things you do have, can work wonders for those who might feel like their best days have passed. Optimism can sometimes slip with the changing of time, but in recent years experts have started recommending a new solution to help you put things in perspective; counting your blessings. Indeed, practicing gratitude is a great way to boost your emotional wellbeing, as it helps you appreciate the things you do have, rather than pining for unattainable, material items. In uncertain times and at an uncertain age, a reminder of our good fortune is invaluable.

It needn’t be a huge, time consuming undertaking. Simply write down three things you’re grateful for today, three things you enjoyed yesterday, or three things you’re looking forward to tomorrow, either when you wake up or just before bed. This is a wonderful way to gather your thoughts and learn to be thankful for what you’ve got, and will stand you in the best possible stead going forward, to take the rest of your 30s with a fresh, optimistic perspective.

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