Is It Possible For Online Businesses To Win Customers Over With Packaging? Of Course It Is…



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In the e-commerce market, both gaining and keeping customers can be difficult, with the competition high and only getting higher as we use the internet more and more to meet our consumer needs. 

In the world of online business, the packaging you use is one of the few points where the customer is in physical contact with your company. This means that product packaging needs to develop along with the business, and be instantly recognisable, approachable and convenient, to give a positive impression of your brand when a customer first engages with it. 

Indeed, e-commerce packaging needs to tick certain boxes to keep customers excited, involved and, ideally, convinced by your brand’s message. Today we’re looking at 5 tips for online businesses on how to win over your customers with packaging.

Use The Right Packaging Tools

The first step to attract your customer’s interest is to create intriguing packaging for your product. For this, using the right tools is necessary. So, let’s take a look at them below.

Custom Packaging Materials

To appeal to customers, brands need to stand out from the competition, and you can actually use custom packaging materials as a great way to build brand loyalty. The most popular items in this area are custom custom wholesale boxes or custom printed courier bags, which can deliver your product in an instantly recognisable way when done right.

Custom Printed Tape

One of the best ways that packaging can win over customers for your online business is by utilising custom packaging tape. Even if your box may seem dull, custom packing tape will let you add authentic, eye-catching designs to the parcel. 

You can print your brand logo and name on the tape and customise it further with eye-catching visuals. Creating a roll is simple; you can get custom-printed tapes made for you by a tape superstore. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a satisfying tool that you can use to provide additional protection for your products. This is a must if the product is fragile. After all, customers will only be satisfied if the product reaches them in one piece, and each time they pop a bubble, either in celebration or in the name of stress relief, they’ll be reminded of your product, which is what it’s all about, right?

Ask For Customer Feedback

For both start-up businesses and well-established ones, talking to your customers and seeking feedback plays a vital role in the e-commerce industry, as a layer of personal contact is removed in any transaction or exchange. 

When delivering products from your online store to someone’s home, you can’t exactly ask the postman to collect feedback on your product. You can, however, ask for feedback via your packaging, with a note to the customers or by using a sticker.

Furthermore, you can encourage customers to share a review of the product on online social media channels via your packaging, which could add a neat and easy extra layer of marketing. 

This helps you improve your business strategies and gain more loyal customers as it gives them a sense of involvement with the business. Hence, encouraging customer feedback via your packaging is a great way to promote a sense of loyalty to your business.

Excite Customers With Promotional Inserts

Adding promotional inserts inside your custom packaging will encourage your customers to spend more on your product. It’s a great way for increasing brand visibility and stimulating business growth. Below, you’ll find some popular promotional inserts that businesses can use.

  • A Tips And Tricks Guide

Often, customers may not be fully aware of all the functions that your product can provide. This reduces the satisfaction received from the product. Adding a detailed tips and tricks guide will help customers utilise the product to its full potential, and show that you care about their experience.

Furthermore, you can provide instructions for getting rid of the packaging and the product in an eco-friendly way. As a result, this helps cultivate an eco-friendly image for your brand.

  • Discount Offers And Coupons

Adding a discount offer or a coupon to your packaging will give customers an incentive to revisit your business and order once again. Not only does this increase sales, but it also helps make the customer loyal to the business.

  • Product Samples And Gifts

If customers find a gift inside their package, it’s a welcome extra that may promote further purchases in the future. Since they don’t expect additional products (whether they are expensive or not), taking them by surprise with a gift will help grant that sense of satisfaction, and cement the idea that your company is special in the customer’s mind

In addition to gifts, you might also benefit from placing a product sample inside your e-commerce package, usually delivered most effectively in stand up pouches or mini zip lock bags.

This allows you to introduce the customer to other products from your range. This is a particularly useful tactic if you’re providing a subscription box service, as it opens up new revenue channels.

It’s a great way to advertise your other product lines, and you can even ask for their feedback to improve the product. Ultimately, adding gifts or samples can also make for an exciting unboxing experience, and helps encourage engagement with the packaging itself.

Create A Smooth & Memorable Experience With The Packaging Itself

Creating an unboxing experience that remains with the buyers is undoubtedly one of the best ways packaging can win customers for your online business. 

By adding different elements that excite your customers (such as a written note or gifts/coupons), you are giving them the full value from the e-commerce packaging, and hopefully generating more future value in the process.

That said, should make sure that the experience is not over-complicated with unnecessary details, as it can confuse and displease customers. Providing an eye-catching packaging experience that’s simple yet memorable should be your goal with packaging.

Express Your Gratitude With A Personal Note

When thinking of inserts to put inside your product packaging, one of the most popular options is a custom note expressing gratitude to your customers. This is simple and inexpensive, yet it makes the customers feel valued… What’s not to love?

When a buyer opens the package and sees that you have a written note or card to thank them for the purchase, the unboxing experience automatically becomes more memorable for them. 

In this note, you can also express your brand’s story along with why the product and company’s journey means so much to you. This personal touch is one of the best ways of ensuring repeat custom, and helps create a connection, even if the whole interaction has been remote.

Speaking of gratitude, we’re grateful you got to the end of this one with us. Until next time…

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