Lighting isn’t always top priority when designing a new kitchen – but it should be. Get the lighting wrong, and your kitchen will be a dingy and dull space that no one wants to socialise in. Get it right and you can transform your kitchen into a space that’s multifunctional, bright and fit for all occasions. Bespoke kitchen experts, Harvey Jones have stacks of advice to help you get the lighting just right in your kitchen.

There are three main reasons you’ll want great lighting in your kitchen: for tasks, to create a mood, and then of course, the general lighting of the space.  

Using several sources of light helps to create a layered effect, creating the perfect mood for any occasion. Most kitchens will benefit from some form of ceiling light, which will illuminate the whole space. Spotlights are a good source of light and can come in two forms: warm or cool LED spots. Before deciding which is best, you should consider how much natural light the kitchen will be exposed to. Cool lighting is bright and whiter and perfect for spaces that are lacking in natural light but can feel a little stark, while warm spots provide a gentler light.

If you want to create a central focus or feature in the kitchen, hanging pendants above a dining table of island are a great idea. You can hang several at different heights for an eye-catching focal point. They are best hung in odd numbers so that one pendant is always central. However, plan ahead to ensure the wiring is in the correct place and that you won’t be moving your table. The last thing you want is a pendant hanging over an empty space.

Incorporating lights below cupboards will improve visibility when prepping and cooking food. Appliances with integral lighting will also help this.

You can add decorative and mood lighting in a similar way; under islands and below plinths will create an illusion that they are floating whilst also illuminating the floor. They give a subtle glow which contribute to mood. Using colour changing LED strips means you can change the lighting to create the best vibes for the occasion.