Want to make to most of your alfresco summer nights, look no further. Beyond Certainty who are AV and lighting experts have put together some IDEAL outdoor lighting tips to groove up your garden.

Outdoor Party Lanterns

Lanterns are the must have outdoor lighting staple. You can hang either simple paper or silk lanterns from a tree, fence or lantern hook. To make the most of your garden, place the outdoor lanterns in dark corners in your garden which will make it look bigger and really open it up.

Classic Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can be used as gorgeous garden lights that can give your outdoor area that extra sparkle.  Battery operated fairy lights are so versatile you can light up those areas you thought were impossible.

Connectable Festoon Lights

Similarly to the classic fairy light, connectable festoon lights are always a big summer favourite. These long lasting energy efficient lights are ideal for draping over hedges and bushes.

Waterproof Wireless Lights

Waterproof wireless uplighters can be used to create the perfect atmosphere in any outdoor space, they are fully programmable, and have an optimum battery life of 12 hours and do not need any messy power cables so are extremely versatile

LED Candles

 LED Candles are battery operated and can last for hours. They offer all the warmth and ambiance of soft flames that you get with real wax candles. These candles can come in many different colours and can create an enchanting, festive atmosphere that your guests will be sure to appreciate. Normal tea candles are ideal too.


Torches with oil lamps can emit a warm, gorgeous glow at the strike of a match. You can illuminate the darkest corner of your garden adding style, radiance and warmth to your garden.