Back when we were watching Tiger King and baking banana bread (heady days, indeed) there was a saying that you’d emerge from lockdown either a hunk, a chunk, a drunk or a monk.

As we appear blinking into the sunlight, we’re not sure that’s quite how this period of hibernation has transpired. But one thing that we are certain of is that our skin hasn’t seen nearly enough sun and fresh air. As such, it’s going to require the utmost care and attention to acclimatise to direct sunlight and the other effects of being outside for extended periods once again. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with FOREO’s skincare expert Chris Luckham to share these 5 IDEAL products to add to your skincare routine this summer.


Come summer our skin needs moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for locking in that moisture and is suitable for all skin types as it’s water (rather than oil) based. The size of the molecules is what makes hyaluronic acid so beneficial, and to use a serum containing several forms of the molecule only further ensures absorption.

These magically seep into the skin and have the ability to hold 1000x their weight in water. This is great for giving skin that pillow-soft and plump feel; just make sure you hydrate sufficiently (ie. drink a lot of water) whilst using ingredients like this.


Exposure to the sun can also lead to an increase in pigmentation. Vitamin C can be great in combating this effect as it contains pigment holding ingredients and is a mega antioxidant which can help protect your skin from sun damage.

Where do we start with Vitamin C in our skincare regime, then? Begin with a formula that is ultra-stable at around 5 to 10% potency, then build-up to 20 or 30% over time. The reason this incremental increase is recommended is that your skin can, at times, find this formula overwhelming and it might sting. If the skin is sensitive you may want to invest in a magnesium ascorbyl phosphate serum; being water-based makes it a much more gentle addition to the skin.

So, does serum or oil have the better texture? This is down to personal preference, of course, but according to Chris, serum feels more comfortable when using it correctly, in the morning only.


Face oils give you the extra hydration that your skin needs after being in the sun. Not only does the texture feel super decadent and enveloping, but it can offer so much protection during both the day and the night. Use the facial oils before bed to let it work its magic during the night – apply just a little before your face hits the pillow; you don’t want to end up sticking to it!

For the summer months, go for dry oil. Some of the best ingredients for their calming and regenerating properties include apricot and pomegranate seed, and for drier skin types, shea butter oil.


Cleansing without over stripping or over clogging your pores is key in summer. And cream cleansers will do just do that! Apply to dry skin and emulsify with your hands or a device, then wipe off with a clean, warm flannel. Try to go for formulas which have anti-inflammatory properties, such as patchouli oil, Centella Asiatica, or CBD oil.


Bakuchiol, a new and natural retinol alternative, speeds up cell turnover without irritation. With roots in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, it’s said to address fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, dryness, and elasticity, and is this is perfectly suited to those with more sensitive skin.