According to wedding website The Knot, the average length of time from marriage proposal to tying the knot is 14 months. That’s just over a year until the big day. All this equates to panic stations; it’s planning, preparation and stress from here on in.

It needn’t be the cause of sleepless nights and newly found grey hairs, though. Being organised and calm can help make the organisational stage much more enjoyable. We’ve asked Simon Bandy, General Manager and supplements expert of Health Plus, to share his advice. He say

“Planning a wedding should be one of the most exciting times of our life and yet for many of us stress takes over. However, there are many supplements and tips that can be valuable when it comes to maintaining a healthy emotional balance and staying organised in the run up to, and on, the big day. An organised mind equals a calm mind!”

So, here are Simon’s 5 IDEAL secrets on how to have a stress-free wedding.


Before the planning commences, sit down with your partner and decide what is important to both of you and what your budget can stretch to. Throughout the whole process, ensure you keep each other informed of everything. If you have busy lives, set up a big pin board in your house on which to stick notes and updates on. Don’t hold back if something is causing you concern; communicate constantly!


If something doesn’t go to plan, take a few moments to calm your breathing and remember that everything is temporary. Slowing and regulating the breathing promotes physical and mental balance, leading to a calmer state. Add some lavender oil to a handkerchief and inhale for extra relaxation. You will then feel better prepared for resolving any issues.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything needed to plan a wedding, but making a comprehensive to-do list and prioritising tasks keeps a focus on what is needed and by when. Delegating tasks to bridesmaids, best men and family can also relieve the pressure. Just make sure everyone is clear on their duties and deadlines!


This is crucial for keeping body and mind in balance. Something as simple as going for a walk can get the blood flowing and clear the mind, ready for the next tasks. Remaining positive and remembering why you are doing this – for love, of course – will help to keep things in perspective.


Once you have your comprehensive list of what you want for your wedding, book as much as you can early on and send out ‘save the date’ cards in good time. It can also help to allocate each item to a month, for example, in month one – find a venue, in month two – find a photographer and so on.