It’s February guys, have you already broken the promises you made to yourself in the New Year? Don’t worry, you’re not alone most people don’t actually change their life based on the promises they make after the clock strikes midnight. If you lasted this long, you’re already in the winner’s circle. Most people give up after the first few days. Why is this? Well, there are lots of reasons.

Usually, if you have a New Year resolution, it’s going to be a bad habit which is great. You want to get rid of all those nasty bad habits and be a better, healthier person, don’t you? Ah, but wait because those bad habits might also be coping mechanisms. For instance, you might have promised yourself you were going to give up drinking. Good plan, unless of course, that glass of wine at the end of the day has become the crutch that makes work manageable. Or, perhaps you have vowed to stop binging Netflix. Smart choice, yet what is life without a little escapism? It’s particularly hard to let go of it when it’s the thing that makes your life easier if it’s not going as well as you’d hoped. When you look at these little things in that light, is it any wonder we can’t let go of them? Of course, it’s not the only issue that’s stopping you from fulfilling your resolutions.

You Were On Holiday



Resolutions are made at the best time of the year. We’re filled with Christmas dinner, and we’re getting drunk, celebrating with friends. To say that are reality has been altered would be putting it mildly. We’re living a completely different life at this point, away from the stresses of work and real life. We start to convince ourselves we don’t need to things that make life better. At that point, we’re not feeling any stress at all. We’re strong, determined and we have the power of will to win. You can have a look at the power of this type of positive thinking on

Of course, once we get back to work and the daily routine it’s a whole other story. Suddenly, idiots are surrounding you all day and that bane of your existence is back in full force. What you really need to do is learn how to eliminate the stress from your life. That way, you won’t need the extra support that those bad habits provide.

One of the best ways to deal with stress is with breathing exercises. No, it won’t eliminate it completely. But, it will help you calm down once you start to feel tense. You might also want to try and get a better night of rest each day. The night is the time for our body to heal and rejuvenate. To relax and recuperate. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you will feel terrible through the day. You’ll need the Ben & Jerry’s tub in the freezer to make yourself feel better.

Are You Serious?

work harder 2

Probably not, those resolutions weren’t actually meant to matter were they? Be honest, when you said them out loud, did you feel like it was the start of a new chapter in your life. Of course, you didn’t, you were probably half being sarcastic. Meanwhile, the other half was looking on in deep denial. Life changes aren’t started because you had a couple too many glasses of champagne. If you want to change your life, you need to want it. You need to want it more than anything because that’s the only way to beat some bad habits. Don’t forget, if you think the problem is serious enough you need to stop, you’re probably dealing with an addiction. You need to be committed, determined and dedicated. This is the only way things are going to change. Check out for the best ways to deal with a real addiction.

If you are serious, you can take immediate action and fight to stay on the right path. Don’t give up after your first bad day at work. Keep pushing through because ultimately it will be worth it. Although there is another issue to deal with here.

You’re Doing It Wrong


“I’m going to stop doing blah blah starting right now.” That’s the typical resolution, isn’t it? “Or I’m going to start doing blah blah, beginning tomorrow.” You see the problem? People don’t give themselves any time to get used to the idea. Do you know what happens if you start working out after never doing it before in your life? You’ll feel great the whole time. You’ll feel powerful, strong, determined. Then you’ll go to bed, and the next day you’ll wake up unable to move your arms or legs. This isn’t an exaggeration! Your muscles will ache, and you’ll struggle to get out of bed. You will then promise yourself never to try that again, roll over and have a nice lie in. Going full steam ahead is never the right option when you’re trying to change your life. Neither is cutting something out completely.

You might love smoking, or at least your body does. Personally, you hate the stink of cigarettes and having an ashtray for a mouth. You can’t stand those lines that are starting to show around your lips, and you want to stop. Your body, on the other hand, has other plans. You’re not the only one addicted, your body is too, you can’t just cut it off. You need to start the process slowly and continue on from there. For instance, you can visit a site like and have a look at some e-cigarettes. These are useful because you can slowly lower the dose of nicotine until you reach zero. Better yet, you can still get the calming sensation that smoking gives you without the nasty chemicals.

We hope you see now there are clear reasons why your resolutions aren’t going according to plan. If you are facing these issues, it’s time to sort the problem out. Either get serious about changing the game or stop pretending. But remember if you commit you really can start changing your life for the better. You can be healthier, happier and live your life to the full.
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