The advent of social media has provided business a more direct and targeted marketing tool that reach across large and diverse audiences and costs less than traditional marketing techniques. But it can equally be overwhelming trying to divide your time between running and improving your business and networking with your clients and targeted markets on social media.

One way to effectively maxmise the power of social media is to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Attempting to register business presence on all social media networks could turn out counterproductive on your health and business interest. You should first review the peculiar advantages and disadvantages of each social media platform and decide how relevant and effective it is to promoting and securing your business.

Considering the general demographic and psychographic composition of beauty business, here are social media platforms a beauty entrepreneur should focus their energy, time and creative.


The Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day, not just on the network, but across millions of other websites. This social media platform is made for social interaction and is great way to keep up with your current client, as well as connect with other segments of your target market.


Twitter is trendy, engaging and chatty. It is your ‘on the go’ network as it is mostly viewed on mobile web. And with 650 million users and 58 million tweets, the news virtually breaks on Twitter – and your new business updates should get in here too.


It is visually appealing and inspiring. The catch for beauty businesses is that a great chunk of Pinterest’s 70 million users are women. In fact, one third of women in the US currently use Pinterest.


Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder; and Instagram is basically designed for ‘beholding.’ It’s mostly a new generational network with 150 million users (90% are under 35) and offers you a great platform for visual representation of your business. It allows you to share remarkable, original and creative photos with image filters that will spark the interest of your target market.


A private social network that links directly to your neighbourhood and local businesses, Netxdoor keeps you in the loop on goings-on around you and can be the perfect digital rendezvous to connect you’re your business prospects through great reviews from your current customers.


Bangstyle is the only social network solely focused on hairdressing and the stylists that inspire, providing a catalogue of salons and stylists with great looks they create. New contents are published daily on useful tips, resources and images for beauty business owner.


The web’s most visible video-sharing site may have been largely ignored by business in the past, in part because it attracts millennial more, but since 2015, the importance of YouTube as a marketing tool has been growing. With over a billion users, YouTube’s demographic is fast and extensively spreading to mums, young men, senior citizens and other niche markets that makes it easy to penetrate with the right content.