Right, that’s it – enough of this grim British weather. It’s spring already and the weather is still rubbish so that can only mean one thing: a holiday. Get online, book your getaway and then get packing.

Many people like a long break at this time of the year and there’s nothing wrong with that – far from it – but spring is the perfect time to soak up the sun with a quick city break, perhaps even making use of the Easter or May Bank Holidays.

When you’re looking to cram maximum enjoyment from your break it’s vital not to lose sight of the holiday essentials.

Keep our ‘5 Cs’ in mind before you go and you won’t go too far wrong…


You’ll be wanting to look at your very best on your spring holiday, and quite right too. Clearly the clothes you take will vary depending on your destination and the length of time you’re away. However, bear in mind that if you’re trying to avoid taking that whopping summer holiday suitcase on your trip (more on that later) then you need to box clever and pack well. That’s where a quality pair of jeans is like gold dust. Great to wear on cooler evenings out with a smart top, or ideal for a casual day of shopping or sightseeing, a pair will be a perfect element for your holiday outfits. If your wardrobe is lacking in this department, click here and put that right.


You’ll want to capture every fun moment of your spring holiday so you can re-live the highlights when you return. Nothing quite beats a quality camera to get high quality images that you’ll treasure for years to come. This handy guide offers suggestions of decent holiday cameras to suit different budgets.


It might well be grim back in Britain but that doesn’t mean you can happily forget about the sunshine, especially if you’re jetting off to warmer climes. Make sure that sun cream makes its way into your bag for the journey – you won’t want to come back looking an unsightly shade of pink or risk unwanted skin problems.


You’ll get nowhere without a bit of cash to spend. Don’t pay a massive premium by waiting until you’re at the airport and don’t fall foul of credit and debit card fees if and when you withdraw/spend money on your cards abroad. Check out Money Saving Expert for an extensive guide to making your holiday cash go further.


Heading off for a spring adventure means you’ll be needing a decent case in tow. If you’re flying, study your airline’s baggage restrictions and get a bag to suit the requirements. It’s perfectly possible to squeeze a long weekend’s worth of stuff – especially if you are travelling as a couple – into hand baggage if you want to save cash and time checking in and collecting your bags.

So there you go. Arm yourself with a good camera, your best clothes, a trusty case, some cash and your all-important sun cream and you’ll be ready to combat the gloom with a great spring holiday.