With more of us set to be working from home in the long term, the days of formal fashion and workwear feel numbered. We don’t think we’re the only ones who welcome that development. In its place, the rise of feelgood fashion, the natural heir to lockdown leisurewear, seems inevitable. 

Because let’s be honest, who wants to be sat in their home office in a full shirt, jacket and trousers ensemble, high heels, makeup and all? Not us. Some may say it stokes productivity. Others, that it’s masochism in outfit form. We fall firmly in the latter camp. 

Instead, it’s time to embrace a looser and ultimately more comfortable approach to our clothes to coincide with our more flexible, looser working futures. Here’s how to stay at home in style, with these 4 feel food fashion tips.


While some people are declaring a desire to get back into fitted, formal clothes as soon as possible, believing the novelty has worn off lockdown loungewear, we’re still all for comfortable co-ord sets worn around the home. In fact, we’re wondering if we’ll ever don something tight and smart again.

However, wearing loungewear doesn’t mean your outfit choice has to look sloppy or ill considered. In fact, many of these so-called loungewear co-ord sets are more stylish than the majority of other types of ‘casual workwear’ like jeans and t-shirts (let’s face it – wearing denim around the home just doesn’t feel right) or a maxi dress. The best part is their flexibility; suitable for work, working out and even a trip to the corner shop. Transitioning from indoors to outdoors, and home office to surface; we just love that sense of stylish convenience. Working from home never felt so good.


The first rule of working from home is to never wear pyjamas – if you’re dressed for bed, your brain will think it’s time for bed and go all sleepy. As such, we don’t recommend staying in your pyjamas all day during the working week. However, weekends at home are made for lazy mornings in your PJs, and we’re not talking about those shapeless t-shirts and baggy tracksuit bottoms that many of us have become accustomed to wearing during lockdown. 

Investing in some chic, stylish, good quality sleepwear will keep you feeling fabulous at home from dusk till dawn, whether you’re having a quiet evening watching a movie or a lazy Sunday morning reading the newspaper. Moreover, sleep is made so much better in beautifully cut pyjamas crafted from breathable, refined natural fibres. This article is about feeling good after all, and the pyjamas you wear can have a serious effect on how well you sleep and subsequently your mood the next day.

We digress, but chic pyjamas are, quite simply, good for the soul. Time to banish sleeping in your ex’s tatty t-shirt for good, for many reasons, we think.


The philistines think that the most comfortable, indoor footwear is simply achieved by not wearing any, preferring to go barefoot and fancy-free. But you’re not one of those, are you?

Nope, you, my friend, are a comfort connoisseur, and as such, you’re a shoes-off-at-the-door, straight into slippers kinda guy. Not just any old mules will do, though. We’re in love with these slippers from Woolenstocks, handmade in the Himalayas and stitched with precise attention to detail. You’ll look forward to slipping into them whenever you’ve left the house, of that we can guarantee!

That said, when the weather is hot, it’s lovely to let it all hang out and go barefoot around the house. To make the experience all the more feel good, give yourself a pedicure. And as if by magic, here’s our top tips for a DIY pedicure; check it out. Feels good to take a load off, right?


Feel good fashion is ultimately all about wearing clothes that bring you joy. And oh how we miss getting glammed up for a night on the tiles in our favourite ‘going out’ outfit. Putting on some makeup for Zoom and struggling with a lousy internet connection rather than the zip on your designer dress just isn’t the same, we think. And while we’re certainly stoked about enjoying our first pint of freedom when the pubs reopen, we’re slightly apprehensive to jump straight back in. 

Instead, enjoy dressing up for the gratification it brings you; it can really boost the self esteem to get dressed up, even if you’re not heading out. In fact, studies have shown that clothing choices have a significant impact on the way we view ourselves, reflective of and contributing to your mood. Set the tone right and feel good by dressing up from time to time.