The hosting of parties (or, euphemistically, ‘work events’) whether that’s at home, in the office, or in the garden of 10 Downing Street, has been a topic of fervent discussion in the national press in recent days. 

Whilst the restrictions on when, where, and who you party with have now largely been lifted, many Brits are still rightly cautious about hitting the town full throttle, acutely aware that a risk remains in dancing cheek to cheek with old friends, sharing cigarettes with acquaintances, and snogging strangers with reckless abandon.

If you’re cautious about reentering the fray but are still keen for a taste of the town from the comfort of home, then you’ve come to the right place. Because staying in is the new going out, here’s how to enjoy a night on the town at home.


Thankfully cinemas are now open across the UK, though some restrictions are still in place to ensure the safety of viewers; these include mandatory face masks throughout theatres unless you’re eating or drinking, contact tracing is still in play, and in Wales, you’ll need an NHS COVID pass or confirmation of vaccine status to enter. 

If you’d prefer to enjoy the cinema experience from home, then we’re sure you’re aware of the unstoppable rise of streaming services and the ever-increasing quality of their exclusive, original film output. 

Whether you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Hulu, any of other online streaming libraries in the UK or indeed all of them, you’ll have original films available at just the click of a remote control button.

In the UK, more than 60% of homes now have streaming service subscriptions – that’s a whopping 31 million people reached. If you’re one of those subscribers, or you simply have some dusty DVDs lying around, why not enjoy a night out at the pictures, but at home?

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Should not be satisfied with simply watching a film on your tele, consider setting up a more cinematic viewing experience. First, you’ll need a projector. There are tons of affordable ones out there, but the APEMAN Portable Mini Projector 4500 at £79.99 on Amazon is often touted as one of the best budget projectors you can buy on a budget, and will give you a decent picture outdoors. 

For a screen, a white bed sheet pegged on the washing line with something to weigh it to the ground will suffice. Now, all you’ve got to do is stick the popcorn in the microwave, and you’re good to go!

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Though the large entertainment complexes and casinos of the UK’s largest urban centres are open to the public once again, some might prefer to host a games night at home. Doing so can be a more enjoyable experience, away from the no-windows, sticky carpets atmosphere familiar to those who have done the real thing on these shores.

We’re not imagining a stereotypical ‘poker night’ with the lads defined by cheap cigars smelling and desperation, here. Instead, a classier affair, perhaps with a James Bond dress code, curated drinks that aren’t watered down rum and coke, and some table games.

All you’ll need is a pack of cards or two, a roulette wheel, a felt green mat with numbers, and stacks of chips (not actually difficult to find on Amazon for a reasonable price) Oh, and to practice your poker face well in advance, of course.

Remember to decide on a budget prior to hosting the occasion to avoid any irresponsible gambling and to set the tone for a civilised evening rather than one that gets over competitive and undignified. Or, you could just play with Monopoly money or loose change, placing emphasis on the fun not the financial. 

Should you have friends in faraway places keen to join in remotely, the best UK gambling sites can be accessed over a secure internet connection, and offer the opportunity for private rooms. Here you can interact with remote party attendees in dedicated chat rooms, or even make new online friends. Such sites also offer the chance for users to play for free, using demo versions of games or imaginary, ‘virtual’ money, which is a great option if players don’t feel like making financial commitments.


Sure, the UK may play host to some of the world’s biggest concerts, with venues like The O2 Arena in London, Cardiff’s Millenium Stadium, Manchester Arena and many more. We’re also blessed with the most prestigious festival on the planet, Glastonbury, alongside other internationally renowned events such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Reading/Leeds Festival.

That said, many such events are currently operating at reduced capacity or with restrictions here in the UK. If you’re more at ease with enjoying the spectacle of a huge concert from the comfort of your sofa, then those popular streaming platforms we mentioned earlier have many full-length performances to enjoy. Even better, YouTube has archives of thousands of shows, with some of the best including Radiohead’s first Glastonbury headline slot in 1997, Daft Punk’s 2006 Coachella performance, and even Aphex Twin at Printworks for the experimental enthusiasts among us.

Simply set up some camping chairs in your living room, dim the lights and make sure the beer is being served warm and flat. Oh, and turn it all the way up; a concert shouldn’t be enjoyed at polite, living room volume!


Dry Veganuary (or whatever they’re calling it this year!) be damned; if we’re going to stay in rather than go out, the evening is going to be defined by delicious, indulgent food.

Sure, you could head out to a restaurant to enjoy a night out in style. Or, you could throw a gourmand’s dinner party at home, should you possess the requisite skills at the stoves. But here’s a unique idea for an intimate evening in; why not book a private chef to come to your home for something truly extravagant? 

You’ll have more say over the menu, hold more sway over the pacing of the evening, and the chef’s skills and seasonings will be entirely focused on you and your personal taste. The cost of hiring one for an afternoon or evening’s work isn’t perhaps as expensive as you’d think; you’ll find one for £200 or so, though you’ll have to foot the bill for ingredients, too. 

Most private chefs will even bring their own crockery and tableware, will do the washing up for you, and even curate a wine list! All you have to do is sit back and relax (and eat a lighter lunch than usual!).


If your own private Aphex Twin concert hasn’t got the neighbours riled up enough, then hiring your own private DJ will. Because can you even call it a night out – even if it’s at home – if it doesn’t end in dancing? We certainly don’t think you can.

Much like hiring a private chef, your personal DJ will bring all of the equipment necessary for a big, bold sound, though they probably won’t clear up all the empty bottles after the party! 

Now, can we expect our invite in the post to your ultimate night in? 

Well, can we?

Hmm, I think we got cut off there…

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