As a student with independence in terms of money and a home away from your parents, there’s likely only one thing on your mind: education. Oh, wait, we mean partying. The former is the one thing on your parents’ minds. Of course, we’re not advocating that you ignore your essays or revision for your upcoming exams, but an important element of college or university is socialising with others and having a bit of fun in these new surroundings. This is an experience, and you should certainly be experiencing it to the fullest.

What this all means is that, if you’re going to party, you should be doing it properly. You’ve got limited funds and limited chances to live it large before the hefty work starts pouring in, so you need to grasp every opportunity to socialise and go wild (responsibly, of course) with both hands. With this in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips on how to throw a student party. 


This is a nifty little trick for those of you who know from first hand experience that student parties often suffer from a sparse and mostly silent crowd for the first hour or so. To remedy this, you should lie about the start time of the evening’s festivities, so that when people think they’re turning up “late” they’re actually turning up on time. Tell them it starts at 7pm if it actually starts at 9.  If you have friends that turn up too early, however, perhaps the reverse is in order; tell them it starts later than it does, so as to allow yourself time to get ready and set up your DPL lights.


If you’re going to splash your cash on a great sound system and drinks for the party you’re about to throw, then that means you’ve got to be sensible and save your money in other ways. It’s tempting to go a little wild now you have your student loan, but financial independence is about knowing how to make that money last until the next installment. You might want a huge and expensive party today, but you’ll be crying tomorrow when you’ve nothing left for basic necessities such as shampoo or bread to make a sandwich.

The key to throwing a great party is to not spend money on stupid things when you could’ve spent that same money on something expensive that you actually needed. This means getting all the food for the party from a supermarket rather than the Domino’s down the road. A big night with a heap of guests will always cost you a fair bit of money, but there are ways to shed off a substantial number of costs if you just plan ahead and shop around for the cheapest options possible. 


Being a guest at a student party can be a bit of a daunting experience, especially if you only know a few people attending and you want to make an impression on all the new people you’re about to meet. Sure, you could bring a cheap pack of cider and hand out a few drinks, but it doesn’t hurt to go to the next level. You could look into prosecco gift baskets, as these are a great way to splash out and say “let’s celebrate tonight in style!” People certainly won’t have any complaints about receiving a fancy gift, and you’ll be sure to make a mark early on in the party. You’ll be known as the heroic guest who brought the room to life with their overly-generous interpretation of “BYOB”.


Whilst you want to have fun during your party, it helps to screw on your sensible head before the evening truly gets underway. You might be meeting a lot of new people at this event, but some of them won’t be as trustworthy or respectful as others. That’s all part of the university and college experience; you meet all kinds of people. Of course, it’s better to not learn that lesson the hard way. Ensure all room doors are locked so that nobody’s possessions are stolen or damaged during the course of the house party you’re throwing.

Rachel Stevenson
Rachel Stevenson
Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.

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