Should you own a pet — whether it’s a dog, cat, tortoise, or even parakeet — you need to do your utmost best to keep them safe, happy, and comfortable at all times. Hey, they’re not just for Christmas and all that. Yep, you’re the one that welcomed them into your home, which means you are charged with ensuring that they enjoy the best quality of life possible. To make sure that your pet is living their absolute best life, some changes might be necessary around the house. Not to worry, we’re here to help, with this; the IDEAL guide to creating a pet friendly home.


The first thing that you must do is gauge what dangers your pet faces around the home; and be aware, these are often animal specific. Depending on what type of animal it is you own, there will be certain everyday items dotted around your home that are specifically dangerous for them. It’s important to be aware of all of these dangers, as only then can do your utmost best to ensure that your pet never comes into contact with them.

If you own a dog, for example, you need to be wary of the following dangers, in particular:

  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Onions
  • Alcohol

Should you own a cat, on the other hand, be sure to remain vigilant of the following household hazards:

  • Lillies
  • Human medication
  • Household cleaners
  • Grapes

Should you be responsible for something a little more esoteric, check out their specialist requirements with a vet.


Of course, you can’t banish the items listed above from your home completely, as you also need your very own creature comforts. What you can do, however, is ensure that those dangers remain out of bounds. So, to ensure your pets aren’t getting their paws on anything that has the potential to make them ill, you should:

  • Use childproof latches on your cupboards
  • Store items in high places
  • Keep your garbage covered
  • Set up pet blockades around your home
  • Close the toilet lid at all times
  • Rid your home of dangling wire


Just as you get your best night’s sleep in your own bed, so your pet isn’t going to take too kindly to having to sleep on the floor, that’s for sure. You should go out of your way to ensure their comfort by actually investing in soft beds, quilts, and mattresses for them to rest upon. And let’s be honest; there really is no cuter image, anyway. If you truly want to go above and beyond in this instance, you should also consider getting them a pet cooling mattress to make sure that they aren’t overheating when the temperatures sore.

Fear not, as you don’t necessarily have to go to your local pet store (and risk setting off your allergies in the process) to purchase all of these creature comforts. There are plenty of online stores out there, such as the Modern Home Decor marketplace, offering quality pet goods. Here, you’ll be able to find everything from two-tier cat baskets to 2-in-1 dog coats/harnesses. When the cute little creatures are concerned, it’s better to have all bases covered, we think.

Think carefully about your pet’s comfort in transit, too. Should your furry friend require a trip to the vet’s or to visit a grooming professional, rather than subjecting them to a bumpy ride, consider pet specific transit tools, such as specially designed carriers for small pets like hamsters or rabbits. If you have more than one animal, perhaps they can travel together in style, using two-tier cat baskets or a shared dog basket, for instance. It’s nice to think they’d provide each other with a bit of mutual support on the way to the doctor’s, right?