If you’re obsessed with all things that sparkle then you are in the right place. The world is filled with so many beautiful and precious materials, these materials are then made into equally beautiful items of jewellery. If you are wondering what are some of the most expensive pieces in the world are then this infographic brought to by Berganza is perfect for you.

If you love Antique diamond engagement rings then the Golconda diamond ring is one that may really interest you! This beautiful diamond ring was owned once by India’s ancient mogul rulers. The diamond was discovered in the legendary Golconda mine, many other incredible gems were found in this mine. This diamond ring was sold at auction for £5.05 million in 2011

The Golconda mine also produced the most spectacular diamonds that have ever been seen. If you are wondering what other pieces of jewellery have produced from this mine then the answer is a pair of diamond earrings. The Golconda diamond earrings were snapped up during an auction in Hong Kong. They were bought for £7.1 million by an anonymous bidder. Each earring has a drop-down cushion snapped stone weighing an extraordinary 23.11 carats each. It’s no surprise these earrings caused a huge frenzy and ultimately were snapped up immediately.