Whether you’re looking to sell your home and want to make it stand out among the rest of the properties on the housing market or it’s simply time to upgrade your décor for a fresh look, there are countless ways to reinvent your home. 

With some domestic upgrades being a long-term, structural investment and others a quicker, largely aesthetic fix, we’re here to consider both wholesale changes and adjustments on the smaller side. So, without further ado, here’s how to add value to your home with these 5 interior hacks .


Doors and windows are the eyes into your home, so it’s essential that they are looking their best, with particular attention being paid to the front-facing windows and the front door. 

A simple refresh like adding new handles to replace rusty or worn ones can make a world of difference, along with a deep clean of the frames and shine of the glass to freshen them up. 

For windows that are on their last legs and can’t be restored as easily, consider investing in a stylish, modern replacement, such as these sash windows from Quickslide, for added character and ease of use. To suit your desired aesthetic, choose from a selection of colours such as Cherry Wood and Chartwell Green as well as a choice of finishes in either a smooth or woodgrain finish. Decisions, decisions!


Giving the exterior of your home an update is a simple cosmetic procedure, and one which can cement a positive impression so early on in the process. After that, a potential buyer is putty in your hands. 

Taking care of that first impression is something called ‘kerb appeal’ and even the most innocuous elements can play a part in the overall impact of that first once over. An unruly front garden, broken gates, a tatty fence or dirty drive; these can all be a major turn-off. A basic clean-up, with rake, shears and lawnmower at the ready, can go such a long way, but we’re here to talk about adding value. 

Focus first on your front door, since it’s an element which will get a thorough appraisal on first visit. Give the doorknob and knocker a good polish, make sure the key turns with ease, and give the whole door a new coat of paint should that be required. Consider hiring a power cleaner to pressure wash the outside of your house and leave your driveway looking spic and span.

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, make the most of it! Trim back any shrubbery from your hedge, mulch the flower beds, add hanging baskets, prune old ones, and fill window boxes with eye-catching arrangements. If the outdoor space of your gaff is purely a place for the bins, a wooden bin store could serve to hide any unsightly bags of rubbish. Yep, those first impressions are definitely worth micromanaging.


Only 2% of homes sold in 2019 had smart technology installed.  However, this welcome change is set to grow hugely in prevalence in the next decade, showing that smart tech is currently a unique selling-point for potential buyers that can help you to stand out in the housing market. Since the majority of homes don’t make as much use of technology as they perhaps should be, and its addition can greatly improve a home’s functionality, it’s well worth investigating.

Especially useful, having the latest tech or energy-savvy instalments is sure to impress buyers and can help to secure a quicker sale. Start-of-the-art security systems, multi-room sound systems or solar panels are just a few of the ways to upgrade the home, serving as a worthwhile investment in the long run.


There is no space smaller which packs such a punch in terms of potential value. Indeed, adding an extra bathroom can boost your home’s value by about 5%. So, to improve your house’s immediate, cosmetic appeal and convey a sense of ‘worth’, it’s a good idea to try an squeeze in an extra bathroom, in ensuite form or even outside.

Consider adding an en suite to the master bedroom for an opulent feel. With a little ingenuity and professional planning, even the smallest of spaces can be turned into a practical and oh so stylish en suite.


An easy, simple, cost-effective way for upgrading furniture and giving a room a whole new lease of life, equally, is to paint it. Whether you chose to add a pop of colour to the living room or you want to reinvent a piece of furniture, a lick of paint can have a profound effect on the style and overall feel of your home and create a lasting impression on visitors. Brighter neutrals and pastels are a quick go-to to instantly refresh and open a room to make it feel light and welcoming.

Top tip: Liven up dull wood furniture by painting it a fresh white for a new and clean look. For a shabby chic feel, distress a few sections with sandpaper after painting to create a rustic and vintage appeal while keeping things homely.