The Perfect Birthday Weekend In Prague: 6 Things To Do

So, you’ve decided to celebrate your birthday weekend in Prague? Allow us to congratulate you, not only on it being your birthday, but also on your taste in cities. 

As one of Europe’s most atmospheric, energetic cities, both sophisticated and insalubrious, there really is something here for everyone, where you can still get a taste of medieval Europe, enjoy high-art and culture, or scratch the surface on something altogether more spirited.

Indeed, in recent decades, the Czech capital has become one of the most visited cities in the world, with millions descending the steeples of the City of a Hundred Spires each year to enjoy the famous Gothic architecture and to pay homage to the birthplace of pilsner beer.

With so much to see and do, the city feels like the perfect place to spend a birthday weekend. To help you narrow down your itinerary, here are 6 things to do on your birthday weekend in Prague.

Go Sightseeing

Though Prague is famous for its beer, bars and live bands, if you’d rather not spend your entire birthday weekend in something of a stupor, then rest assured that the city has plenty of daytime activities to enjoy, too.

Prague is a city of truly stunning views and vistas, and if you’re keen to get the measure of the city early into your birthday weekend, then a sightseeing stroll complete with some magical views across the city is a great way to start your trip.

Your first stop should, without doubt, be one of Prague’s key icons, Charles Bridge, which guarantees a breathtaking perspective of the city. And if you don’t wish to cast your eyes that far, the structure has plenty to look at in the short distance too, with statues, pillars and carvings all of historical intrigue and significance. 

That said, our favourite point of Prague appreciation can be taken in from the top of Prague castle. Especially in winter when the rooftops are covered in snow, it looks like a city straight out of a fairy tale book. 

If you’re truly committed to taking in some fabulous views of the city, then consider taking the Funicular Railway to the top of Petrin Hill (tickets cost just CZK 24, which is less than a pound) and its lookout tower, which costs around CZK 50. From here, panoramic views of Prague await.

A Memorable Activity

It’s your birthday so some sort of focused activity to make your birthday memorable is a must. If it’s a rainy day, then why not visit a Prague Escape room? There are plenty in the city to choose from, but perhaps the most popular, and based around a story featuring The KGB, The Soviet Union and communism in Czechoslovakia, is The Nuclear Bunker Escape Room.

Prague is well known for it’s tourist-friendly shooting ranges, too, attracting stags, groups of friends and those curious to know what it’s like to pull a trigger. It boasts several world-leading shooting ranges, should you be keen on pitching your skills against your pals in a safe space. Though you’ll find plenty of smaller ranges in the centre of Prague, the best are arguably found a short train ride out of downtown.

At Prague Ranger, 40 minutes from the centre, you can shoot at a range of between 15 metres all the way to a whopping 500 metres, in its large open-air range. These larger arenas allow for big groups (up to 60 in the case of Prague Ranger), and it’s recommended that you should put aside an entire afternoon – or four hours – for the activity.

Should you choose to visit a range closer to Prague’s centre, then you can expect indoor facilities and generally shorter ranges.

If you’re after something less mentally and physically challenging, then what about a vintage car tour? Here, you can sit back and relax while a chauffeur takes you to some of the most popular places in the city, all completed in an old-school, open-topped European car.

Alternatively, consider bathing in beer. Beer bathing is an ancient tradition in parts of Eastern Europe – particularly the Czech Republic. You don’t actually bathe in beer; you soak in a hot tub filled with the natural extracts used to brew, but you do get beer on tap to drink while you soak. Speaking of which…

Enjoy A True Czech Beer Hall Experience

Be honest, one of the main reasons you’re in Prague for your birthday weekend is to try its revered beer, right? 

Many beer-aficionados consider the ale and lager from the Czech Republic to be some of the best in the world, with the country’s raucous beer halls the focal point for consuming the good stuff as freshly poured as you’ll find.

Serving beer by the barrel alongside plates of old Bohemian specialities, a must visit is Pivovarský Klub, which has had over 900 different kinds of beer passed through their tubes during its history, as well as a current 250 different kinds of bottled beer.

Alternatively (or additionally, let’s face it), you’ll want to head to the brewery and restaurant U Fleků which has been brewing beer in the same spot since 1499. Yes, 1499! It undoubtedly attracts the tourists – and is one of the most visited places in Prague –  but this convivial beer hall, with long wooden communal tables and wildly jovial atmosphere, is worth facing down the throngs of thirsty visitors. 

Facing down your hangover, however, might take more work!

Dine In Style

You’re in Prague to celebrate your birthday in style, and you’ll be pleased to hear that the city’s dining scene is well and truly thriving in 2022, with fine dining establishments rubbing shoulders with more traditional joints, the best of which are focused in the Old Town, where you’ll likely be staying.

Our favourite special occasion restaurant in the city has to be La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise, whose recipes are based on a 19th century cookbook but whose dishes look (and taste) anything but old-fashioned. It’s well-deserving of its Michelin star, and with its tasting menu clocking in at around £84, it’s pretty good value, too, for the quality of the cooking here.

Another starred restaurant in the city that we keep returning to is Field, which does deceptively simple modern takes on traditional Czech dishes, and packs bags of flavour and plenty of refinement. 

If you’d like a traditional traditional experience, rather than a modern approach to the classics, then you should try Lokál, which offers hearty traditional dishes like beef tartare, schnitzel with potato salad, pig’s headcheese and beef goulash, all perfect for soaking up that Pilsner!

If you’re craving a shift from Czech cuisine on your trip to Prague, Italian food is well-represented in the city, too, with Divinis and Dejvická 34 both perennially popular and reliably delicious. Dobrou chuť!

Czech Out Prague’s Classical & Jazz Music Scenes

Almost as famous as Prague’s beer is its classical music scene, which you should definitely check out if you’re looking for a more laid back pace to proceedings on your trip. The three main venues are The National Theatre, housed in a gorgeous neoclassical building right next to the Vltava River, The Estates Theatre and The Prague State Opera.

The Prague State Opera is famous for its stunning theatrical performances, with opera and drama represented almost every night of the year. Best of all? You can buy tickets for the bargain price of 450 CZK, which is just £15! 

Should you be seeking something more uptempo, then Palác Akropolis is one of Prague’s best venues for live music. For jazz, which is huge in the city, Jazz Dock is probably Prague’s hottest jazz club.

Dance The Night Away

You’ve wined (or rather ‘beered’), dined and done the opera. To finish up your birthday trip to Prague, it’s pretty much obligatory to get your dancing shoes on. 

Because what better excuse to dance the night away than seeing in – or seeing off – your birthday! Settle into your evening at Roxy, which fuses art and music to visually arresting effect, before heading to U bukanýra, an electro-music-houseboat-bar which is open until the morning hours and is the place to go after all the bars close. 

Cross Club and Chapeau Rouge are our other favourite places to party, as they play a great mix of drum’n’bass, trance, techno and jungle. Or, Déjàvu, in the centre of town, remains one of the most popular places in Prague to drink and get down.

And with that, we wish you Happy Birthday!

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