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Would like to help you to give up smoking traditional cigarettes for a more healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy, and often takes time and commitment, but following a few simple steps will help you on your way. Here are 5 IDEAL tips for giving up smoking.

Don’t Go It Alone

Giving up is hard enough so don’t do it on your own. Let friends and family know that you’re quitting and your reasons why. Not only will they be supportive but if smokers themselves, they might actually want to join you. A friend’s encouragement could be the difference between lighting up and resisting the urge. Don’t fancy telling friends and family? You could also consider joining a support group or visiting your local NHS; there are plenty of kits and services available to help you on your way.

Avoid Stress And Triggers

Many people smoke more when faced with stressful situations, and certain triggers exist which can exacerbate attempts to give up. When trying to quit it’s important to seek out other ways to relax.. You could try massages, yoga or even listening to relaxing music, immersively and with headphones. It’s also important that you avoid situations which might intensify your urge to smoke. Different people have different triggers, so find what works for you. If you normally have a cigarette after a meal for example, replace this with a more beneficial habit, such as having like a cup of tea, taking a brisk walk or brushing your teeth.

Prescription Medication

If you want to quit without the nicotine withdrawal symptoms but don’t want to use products containing nicotine, then go and speak to your GP. They may be able to prescribe you certain medicines designed to reduce cravings, working by altering certain receptors in your brain which make it less satisfying if you do give in and have a cigarette.

Choose A Reward

Giving up smoking can be hard work so it’s important that you reward yourself. Setting yourself targets and something to work towards can make all the difference, so find something that would make you really happy and only let yourself have it if you reach certain milestones. Not only will you be reaping the health benefits but you’ll also be saving money once you’ve quit – why not put the money in a pot and treat yourself to something fun as a reward for all your hard work?

Nicotine Replacement

Quitting smoking can be really tough, especially as your body will begin to experience nicotine withdrawal. This can make you feel a whole host of emotions from frustration to anger and make you incredibly restless. E-cigarettes are being used by thousands of smokers looking to quit as they provide you with a nicotine hit but without the toxins of a regular cigarette. You can buy them in varying strengths and flavours making it easier to cut down.

However, did you know that the vaping industry harnesses a dark secret that many people have yet to learn? Many of the major vaping companies in the world are actually owned by Big Tobacco. Yes, that’s right—the companies that are trying to get you to stop smoking are the ones that encourage smoking in the first place! Don’t believe it? Here’s a great infographic that will show you the facts.

No matter what you feel about vaping, there are some obvious health benefits that come with it. For starters, you’re not pumping out toxic fumes and you’re potentially saving a lot of money.

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