Travel can be so blooming expensive and with rail fares set to increase next year , here at IDEAL we’re in despair as we love to travel. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your way from A to B. There are so many fantastic ways you can cut back on transport costs, and you can use the money to boost your savings or to enjoy life in general more. With this in mind, here are 8 ideal tips for saving money on transport. 


Any 16-25 year old will know of the horrible feeling that comes when you turn 26. It’s the time when you can no longer use your decade-old railcard pass that gives you a discount on tickets. Instead you’ll have to pay full fares until your sixty. Worry not, as you may be eligible for a discount railcard.  Here at IDEAL we’re huge fans of the two-together railcard which will save you and a friend/partner a third of your journey – perfect if you tend to travel with the same person all the time.  It only costs £30 – which you usually make back in one journey anyway.


Always book your train tickets in advance, because you are guaranteed a better price than purchasing tickets on the travel day. So, if you need to book a long train journey, try to book a few months beforehand. claims it can save you up to 43% on fares nationwide, if booked up to 12 weeks early. Also, If you’re the ‘designated booker’ for a group of 3-9 people on Virgin Trains, you could save up to 20% off selected advance fares .


If you’re a traveler without time constraints, consider getting the coach instead of the train. Travelling around Britain by will often save you a bundle on transport  – just be aware that the journey time will probably be long.  If you book in advance you’re more likely to get cheaper tickets. The big two operators, National Express and Megabus, often have cheap promotional fares, especially at quieter times of the year such as January and February. Also, if you’re travelling several times a week on the same route, you can usually save money with a weekly bus pass  from sites like Stage Coach –  their main weekly ticket in most areas is the megarider ticket.


Fuel prices are probably not going to come down any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on petrol. Instead of thinking you are Lewis Hamilton with your foot firmly on the accelerator, try to limit your acceleration to save yourself fuel and money. You should also slow down your speed and eliminate sharp stops to prevent wasting fuel.


One of the best ways to save money on transport is by swapping a car or public transport for a bicycle. Some cities offer free cycling initiatives to get people onto a bike to boost their general health. Not only will cycling from one destination save money, but it will reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your general fitness. You really can’t lose.

bike 2


Whilst indirect flights will take much longer than a direct connection, they can save you a significant amount of money on your travel expenditure. So, don’t pay over the odds for a flight when you can make your way to the same destination for a fraction of the cost. You know it makes sense.



Most people decide to book a holiday at the weekend, as they will want to treat themselves after a busy working week. That’s why it pays to book a holiday on a Tuesday or Wednesday, because websites will have less demand in the middle of the week. So, don’t pay top dollar for a flight between Friday to Sunday and wait a few days to save hundreds on your trip.


Edmunds’ road testers found that rolling a car’s windows down can increase the vehicle’s fuel economy by 9.5% at 65 mph. So, don’t turn on the air conditioning and simply roll down your windows to enjoy a brisk breeze and save yourself a significant amount of money.