We love Brixton, forever evolving and shapeshifting, but always proud and staying true to its roots. The vibe is boisterous and welcoming from morning to night, and the options for amazing food are growing more plentiful as each day passes. Brixton Village, the indoor market just a short walk from the station, is the focal point of much of the culinary fare, and crowds flock here every night of the week to experience the buzz and bites. We’ve undertaken the enviable task of eating hundreds of meals here, and have whittled it down to just 10 of our favourites. So here it is, our 10 IDEAL Brixton Village restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


On trend, in season and en vogue, Salon ticks all the boxes for a modern British operation. There’s a no-frills, no choice set menu, which starts with an awesome sourdough and some butter just on the right side of leftfield. Curt written descriptions don’t give much away, but the staff are cool and courteous, and the food downright delicious. If your pockets aren’t quite deep enough for the nearby Dairy or the further away Lyles, this is cooking of a similar bent. We’d be surprised if they weren’t in more permanent premises soon.

Website: salonbrixton.co.uk


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This groovy, vibrant creperie is just the spot to dust off a hangover (or to embark on a new one). The crepe choice is extensive and the buckwheat versions divine. Their spicier offerings – such as a crepe of chorizo, avocado and refried beans, served with their made in-house, vicious, wonderful hot chili sauce – are the ace in their suit. The coffee is excellent and the service efficient and kind. It’s a really wonderful place to have brunch, as the lengthy queues snaking around the indoor market will testify to.

Website: www.senzalacreperie.co.uk

Rosie’s Deli Café

Another popular brunch option, you could see off the whole day in Rosie’s, where the tea is plentiful and homemade cakes worthy of a certain Channel 4 cookery show. Breakfast options tend towards the healthier, which is just fine by us, and homemade jams and relishes can be also be bought here to take home. This is the type of institution everyone needs on their doorstep.


Agile Rabbit

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Although the village houses a more well-known pizza joint, Agile Rabbit is our choice if you’re looking for the Italian classic in cosy, lively surrounds. You can buy pizza by the slice here, and damn it’s good. Combine that with a rowdy, ramshackle atmosphere played out to live music most nights and you’ve found a real winner.

Website: theagilerabbit.net


Beijing street food is served here – super comforting, super nourishing and super delicious. The menu is refreshingly short – pleasing, as it’s difficult to choose when every dish reads, looks and smells so enticing. Particularly good is the beef noodle soup, rich in umami and star anise, and the dumplings. Just don’t wear your best shirt – with all the slurping and lustful devouring, things can get messy!

Website: www.mamalan.co.uk

Fish, Wings & Tings

No list would be complete without some glorious Caribbean cuisine, and there’s plenty to be found in Brixton. Fish, Wings & Tings is one of many great Jamaican joints in the area, and gets rammed with happy punters through the week consistently. It’s not purely jerk chicken, goat curry and off on your way – there’s some lesser known treats we’re so happy to have discovered here. The salt fish and ackee fritters are sublime.

Website:  www.fishwingsandtings.com

Honest Burger

Sure, you can find Honest Burger dotted all around London now, but its inaugural home is here in Brixton Market. This is where the magic all began, and the popularity is enduring. Crowds still flock here – you’ll find punters spilling out onto communal seating outside – and standards haven’t slipped. It’s a must visit, even if just for the sensational rosemary fries.

Website: www.honestburgers.co.uk


This tiny little place serving Pakistani cuisine does a fine trade in homemade samosas and curries more complex than your average Balti house. The menu is compact, just like the premises, and we’re not ashamed to admit we’ve got through all of it. Our top dish? It has to be the dahl, an absolute knockout. It’s BYOB too, so a really cheap option if payday is but a speck in the distance.

Chicken Liquor

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While Meat Liquor remains cock of the walk, the avine younger sibling is doing a fine trade, too. Crispy, highly seasoned fried chicken, washed down with cool, craft beer is all you want sometimes of an evening. There are some inspired combinations; a blue cheese sauce sounds odd but marries harmoniously with its buffalo-winged spouse. The Korean with fermented chili knocks your socks off in the most welcome way possible.



Hey, it’s not exactly in the village (it sits on the outskirts), but still. Nanban is so damn fine, we had to shoehorn it into this list somehow. Read about just how much we love this Japanese soulfood joint here.

Website: www.nanban.co.uk