Pancake Day….well that crept up on us. Finding an eatery that sells pancakes in London isn’t hard but finding one worthy of The Day for a batter based banquet is another story. Nope, we won’t settle for bland fillings and apologetic textures today. So, from buttermilk beauties to traditional French crepes, here are 10 IDEAL pancake places in London.


This pancake house in Flat Iron Square says it all in the name. Tucked behind the hustle and bustle of London Bridge and Borough Market,  Where The Pancakes Are takes fluffy to a whole new level. A variety of sweet and savoury buttermilk pancakes is on offer here. A must try is their Dutch Baby  – an oven, American style pancake which is baked and turns out looking something like a Yorkshire pudding. A multicultural affair, then.

IDEAL for: Award winning pancakes


If you’re in the market for satisfyingly savoury galettes or expertly made sweet crepes, then Le Merlin is the place to come – magic happens here, daily. Offering a pancake only menu, this creperie is the real deal and the crepes and galettes are as good as any you’d get in France. If you fancy stepping a little off the beaten path, the sauteed courgettes with goat cheese and a touch of honey is the way to tread. Not content with that? Then there’s the uber Francophile, confit duck with blue cheese sauce, truffle flavoured honey and caramelised onions to try. Berets, hooped black and white jumpers and a necklace of garlic are all available on request.

IDEAL For: Savoury Galettes and Sweet Crepes

 © La Petite Bretagne 


Gluten-free pancakes made to order? Yes please. Thanks to the buckwheat flour La Petite Bretagne uses, their galettes are gluten and wheat free. Taking inspiration from the creperies of Brittany, their crêpes are succulent, and light and crispy at the edges – just like a good Breton crêpe should be. These famous French pancakes are commonly enjoyed with a cider in the motherland, and La Petite Bretagne has an excellent range of ciders available.  We love Kerisac pear, which is a clean and crisp cider made from Brittany pears.

IDEAL FOR: Buckwheat Gluten Free Crepes


Originally led by Chef Neil Rankin of Temper fame, Bad Egg has a reputation for unashamedly boozy brunches and we love it. It gets particularly raucous on Saturdays, and as such, children are discouraged – enough said. The American style pancakes with fried chicken, banana and maple syrup are a must try. However, you’d be silly to miss out on other delights like the pulled pork, beans and kimchi on toast, or their breakfast tacos. Come here with lots of friends, order everything (including the pancakes of course) and get merry.

IDEAL FOR: Brunch washed down with lots of bottomless booze

© Bad Egg


Breton crepes are the name of the game here, and put simply, sometimes the original really is the best. If you’re going to seek out pancakes from Brittany, then you’d be made not to go with a gallette; in our view one of, if not the, finest pancake in the world. Made from buckwheat, giving it a deep colour, slight tang and amazing crisp, these famous renditions are best enjoyed with savoury fillings; the classic is emmental cheese, ham and a runny egg, and it’s a classic for a reason. Just lovely.

IDEAL FOR: Traditional Breton Galettes


For proper Dutch pancakes, this is the place. This is a pancake house with a long history, around in the capital since 1948.  Today My Old Dutch has three locations in London, all serving great pancakes from the continent. We love the the gaudy, savoury offerings here; the ‘bitterballen’, with meatballs and a good kick of mustard; or their ’kassballen’, heavy with deep fried cheese balls, breadcrumbed onion and sour cream. At My Old Dutch it really is a case of go big or go home.

IDEAL For: Dutch Pancakes – obviously

Breakfast Pancake | © My Old Dutch


We at IDEAL are mad for our savoury pancakes, crepes, galettes, the rest. We think cheese, ham and eggs are perfection between the sheets of batter. But, if you’re craving dessert in proper rich, excessive, indulgent French style, then look no further than Chez Lindsay in Richmond, and more specifically, their Crepe Suzette. This is serious stuff and a serious commitment; layers and layers of pancake are topped with a boozy butter of orange zest, cointreau and more booze, before being flambeed for full theatrical effect. You might want to book a taxi home after this one.

IDEAL For: An ultra-indulgent Crepe Suzette


If you’ve ever queued for the pancakes at the Breakfast club, you’ll know how good the are. Drizzled in syrup, piled high and topped with crispy bacon, they are the ultimate American pancakes in London.  Last year they plated up over 928,000 pancakes! Stack ‘em up and you get the equivalent of 30 London Shard buildings.

IDEAL for: The best American pancakes in London.

© Breakfast Club


This places has a serious reputation for dishing up some of the best American-style food in the capital –  it was the first restaurant in London to specialise in it, after all. The dining experience here is a sophisticated affair, downstairs there’s a Martini bar and upstairs are white linen tables. Every weekend they offer a ‘build your own pancake menu’ which is pretty awesome – make sure you pick the maple-cured bacon, it’s to die for.

IDEAL for: Building your own pancakes.


Crêpeaffaire has places up and down the country and with plans to open stores abroad, these days this place is dominating the crêpe scene. It has numerous joints in and around London including Spitalfields, Wimbledon, Islington, Stratford, Chiswick and Shepherd’s Bush, so just like rats, in the capital, it seems you’re never more than ten yards from one. With offerings like ‘Ferrero Rocher Extravagance and Oreo Cookie Opulence’, the menu here is on the sickly sweet side of indulgence. They have a list of savoury crepes, waffles and mini-pancakes, too.

IDEAL For: Sweet Crêpe Lover’s