Over the last year, crafting has become extremely popular. It’s got health, wellbeing and financial benefits – didn’t you know?  Knitting, origami and colouring have come out as the leading crafting trends of late, but if those aren’t for you, there are many other fun and fulfilling crafts out there to satisfy all tastes and abilities.

Our friends at Hochanda, Home of Crafts, Hobbies and Arts, have put together some  ideal reasons to  get crafting now! 

Crafting helps improve a range of physical skills

Hobbies such as knitting, sewing and quilting help to maintain the use of muscles within the hands, which in turn keeps hand-eye coordination and dexterity at a good level; this is particularly important to maintain as you get older.

Crafting helps to keep the brain active

Crafting always encourages you to be creative, which can help keep the brain engaged a lot more than doing something like watching television, which can leave your mind unproductive and drained.

Crafting can be good for mental health too

A repetitive action like crocheting for example, can help to encourage psychological benefits similar to those of mindfulness and meditation.

Crafting can make you feel happier

Spending time on a hobby you enjoy can help to relieve some of the tension and stress caused by the daily grind. This can create a much more positive mental attitude, and can result in a happier outlook on life.

Crafting can be a sociable pastime

Social and emotional loneliness is something many fear. With this in mind, it’s important that those who live alone and who have a tendency to feel isolated, have the opportunity to socialise. Crafting groups can be a great way of enabling people to interact with like-minded people and meet new friends.

Crafting is a way to show you care

Whether it’s for an animal lover or for Valentine’s day, using your crafting ability to make personalised gifts is a fantastic way to show someone special that you care. Not only does making your own gifts and cards mean they are unique and one of a kind, they also prove how much time has gone into thinking about the other person.

Crafting can save you money

Crafting is a great way to help you save money. The materials can be a lot cheaper to source than buying the products you are making, for example a pair of embroidered jeans could set you back £40 – £60 but compare this with buying some of our gorgeous embroidery sets (starting at £9.99) and you can upcycle a pair of old jeans at a significantly lower cost!

Crafting can even help you make money

Crafting also has the opportunity to help you make some extra pocket money. Something which may start off as a hobby could draw interest from others, especially as handmade and unique items are becoming increasingly more popular. Mastering a craft can therefore be a great opportunity for making some extra cash and you’ll be doing something you love!

Everyone is capable of crafting

A hobby like crafting is accessible for everyone. Any age, gender or personality has the potential to find something they really enjoy as there is so much choice available. At Hochanda we offer a wide range of products for all kinds of activities including jewellery making, needlecraft, woodwork and mixed media art to mention a few!

Crafting can keep you feeling young at heart

By exploring new hobbies and crafts and incorporating them into your daily lifestyle, you can keep up with all the latest trends such as DIY fashion which encourages fashion fans to create their own unique clothing through crafting activities such as embroidery.

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Image Source: giphy.com