It’s a fact – Bali is on most people’s bucket lists when it comes down to places to visit. From the allure of beautiful beaches to diving, from culture to jungle, from adventure to history, there are so many reasons why Indonesia is one of the world’s most desirable destinations.

If your curious to find out more about why you should visit Indonesia, then read on. We bet your bottom dollar that by the end of this article you will be checking flight prices!

Great Adventure

Kayaking, trekking, surfing, rock climbing… these are only some of the many exhilarating adventures that are on offer in Indonesia. From white water rafting down the rapids of the Maiting River in Sulawesi to climbing the peaks of one of the world’s most famous volcanos at Krakatau, Indonesia has enough thrilling adventures to keep any adrenaline junkie busy. Discover a whole new world of excitement as you climb active volcanos and take in the awe-inspiring views.

Traditional Villages

As a country with over 350 cultural ethnic groups, Indonesia is blessed with a cultural diversity unlike any other. Discover unique cultures and witness traditional life in Indonesia with a visit to one of the many traditional local villages where residents maintain indigenous cultures and live just as their ancestors did centuries ago. Spread throughout Indonesia, traditional villages offer the chance to explore places where age-old beliefs, rituals and practices still dominate daily life. The local communities and cultural groups who live in these areas still maintain ancient ethnic customs, wear traditional clothes and produce exotic arts and crafts, such as intricate batiks, allowing visitors to experience distinctive cultures that remain free from the influences of modern life.

Diverse Cuisine

When it comes to Indonesian food, diversity is definitely what’s on offer. From spicy meat curries to deep fried banana to drinks of iced coconut and jelly – cuisine in Indonesia is remarkably varied. Visitors here will find the food to be a blend of strong flavours always accompanied by nasi or rice. Living in a country that has endless variety of food and drinks, Indonesians do eat out but the majority do not go to restaurants. The local food scene relies heavily on street food. Indonesians savour the delicious meals offered by street vendors day and night for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The types of food vary from a simple fried tofu to a more complicated dish like gudeg (raw jackfruit cooked in a Javanese traditional way that originated from Yogyakarta). In big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang and Medan, the street vendors offer many a traditional food from various regions in the archipelago; but in small cities they are usually of the local cuisine.

Island Hopping

With over 17,000 tropical islands to choose from, your opportunities to hop from one idyllic little discovery to the next are endless. The incredible islands of Raja Ampat off Papua have steep, jungle-covered hills, translucent waters, pristine beaches and mushroom-shaped rock islets. The waters teem with the world’s greatest diversity of marine life. Alternatively, the Gili Islands near Bali and Lombok are worthy of exploration, with three incredible islands all ringed by pure white sand.

Beaches & Watersports

With such a diversity of islands and a collection of glorious beaches, pristine lakes and rushing rivers unmatched anywhere in the world, Indonesia is the perfect place to relax amidst beauty or take a splash and embrace some exciting water sports. From learning to surf in Bali to white water rafting down the rapids of the Alas River in Sumatra to relaxing on the luxurious beach resort on Umang Island, there is no shortage of activities for water enthusiasts. The crystal clear waters and brilliant sunshine make this an ideal place to try some new and exhilarating activities.

Rich Wildlife

Indonesia’s rich wildlife is as diverse as everything else about this captivating archipelago. Komodo dragons are just one of the stars of a world of wildlife that includes great apes, rhinos, tigers and some of the rarest species of birds on the planet. Whether visitors are meandering along a jungle river on Kalimantan to encounter the world’s largest population of orangutans, or trekking on foot in search of the one-horned Javan rhinoceros – one of the planet’s most critically-endangered mammals whose last refuge in Indonesia is the Ujung Kulon National Park – the opportunities for visitors to experience a unique wildlife encounter in this tropical archipelago of more than 17,000 islands are endless.

Diving & Snorkelling

Home to over a quarter of the world’s marine life, Indonesia is famous for its world class diving and exciting underwater beauty. Take a plunge and discover an ocean teeming with all types of marine life, from Weh Island in Sumatra to Raja Ampat in Papua. Where else in the world can you get up close to a whole school of giant manta rays and turtles, dive spectacular drop-offs and explore old shipwrecks?

World Class Surfing

Indonesia lures surfers from around the globe, many with visions of empty palm-lined beaches, bamboo bungalows and perfect barrels peeling around a coral reef. Nias, Mentawai and Uluwatu are world class breaks that can be surfed all year round. It is small wonder that surfers from around the world flock to Indonesia to experience the rolling tubes and spectacular beaches that these islands have to offer. Here the surf is always up, so grab your board and come and discover what other surfers have known for years; that Indonesia truly has some of the world’s best waves.

Amazing Spas

A country that is expert in spa treatments, the serene landscapes of Indonesia make it the perfect backdrop for your rejuvenation and escape from the daily grind. Take the opportunity to recharge your body and soul with a visit to some one of the world’s best spas in Bali, Java and Jakarta. From massages and meditations to facials and body scrubs, a spa is guaranteed to offer something to help you relax.

Heritage Sites

Many of the world’s most ancient wonders can be found in Indonesia. From sacred temples and palace ruins to prehistoric remains and ancient living traditions, visitors from around the world are attracted to Indonesia’s unique and diverse cultures and vibrant heritage. Whether you take the opportunity to see traditional batik cloths being made, experience age-old customs and festivities with a visit to a traditional village, or soak up some history in one of Indonesia’s many museums – the list of heritage attractions are endless.

If it’s incredible temples you’re after then a visit to the magnificent Borobudur temple is a must. The world’s biggest Buddhist monument, the ancient site of Borobudur is widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. After a visit here you will understand why it is Indonesia’s most visited tourist attraction and a famous icon of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

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