It’s a feeling which cripples the country’s collective labour force each and every Monday morning. A feeling the past weekend has gone too soon and the next is so far from reach. A sense you’ve overindulged, under exercised and generally let vices win. A lingering shame and dread, all rolled into one, as you contemplate the past and future on the bleary eyed commute. At least it’s a mix of emotions shred with your fellow passengers. Well, it’s time to be strong in the face of such adversity, and not in the traditional, ‘stiff upper lip’ style (not) beloved of us Brits. Nope, we’re talking about acts of treating yourself or others in the name of damage limitation and karmic redistribution. So, here are 10 IDEAL ways to bid farewell to Monday morning blues.


Don’t make the mistake of having an aggressive, abrasive alarm tone, mistaken in the belief that the annoying sound will force you to wake up swiftly. Why not switch to the an alarm which wakes you up with Radio 4 News, or if the news gets you down, birdsong or the chimes of a harp. Also, try setting your alarm an hour earlier and don’t just hit the snooze button, actually get up. Researchers from Roehampton University found that ‘morning people’ who get up earlier lead happier, healthier and more productive lives than those who prefer to lie in.


You should always wear what makes you feel best but spice up Monday with something extra-fab. Whether you work in a high-profile office or you’re at home taking care of the house & kiddies, put something on that gives you a spike of confidence to kick off the week with a positive mindset. Try slogan t-shirt, matching bra and undies set, rock a form-fitting power suit, or sport a sultry red lipstick; it’s all about making a little extra effort, for yourself, not others.


Sometimes our hectic schedules don’t grant us the time to get in a full workout, but a little stretching of the limbs goes a long way to lifting our spirits. Exercising can be incorporated into practically any daily activity and it’s easy, too. Squat at the fridge, take the stairs, park further away from the entrance, or walk-lunge on your way to the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a morning thing but because exercising is so great for your overall health, you’ll notice a sunnier disposition post workout that makes early exercise a good idea.


Make Monday a morning for controlled indulgence. Grab a croissant or a doughnut on your way to work. Treat yourself to a coffee (and an extra ten minutes in bed) rather than labouring over your flask. Get a proper magazine in for the commute, not the free, advert-laden kind. And if you’re not able to squeeze in anything of this before heading to your 9-5, give yourself something to look forward to at lunchtime or the end of your day. It’ll make waking up much, much easier.


A morning text or call from a family member or friend is (just about) the best thing you can receive when you wake up. Not only does it let you know that they’re thinking about you while they prepare for a busy morning ahead, but it also spreads the love and causes a knock on effect of more phone calls, messaging and general emotional generosity. Calling or texting someone you care about can give your morning the positive little boost it needs.


Taking your mood from grrr to great is often just a matter of getting engrossed in a new album you’ve downloaded or podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to. It can change your whole outlook and help you steady yourself for the day ahead. With the right groove in your ears, the stroll from tube stop to office will be complete with a spring in your step.


Coffee is a great pick-me-up, and one we couldn’t do without, but you shouldn’t allow it to become your be-all-end-all. Reach for a smoothie loaded with Ginseng for energy instead, or a blend a detoxifying ingredients like lemons, cranberries or seaweed.


Doing something kind for someone else is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. It can be as simple as a smile, freeing up your parking space, or complimenting their scarf. Buy a coffee for a stranger or donate money to a charity. The possibilities are endless to making yours and more importantly, someone else’s, day brighter.


What makes Monday blues even bluer? Being disorganized, running late, forgetting your phone, lunch box, and maybe even your pants. Hey, it happens. Oh, that’s just us? Moving on, then…. Have an organized routine in the morning to keep yourself on schedule and on the ball. It makes such a difference to feel sharp and alert when facing down the barrel of five days at work before more prolonged letting down of the hair.


It’s easy to bathe in resentment on Monday mornings, especially with all the memes circulating like vultures, “If Monday was a person, I’d punch it in the face.”“Not sure if it’s the end of the World, or just Monday” …”Shortest Horror Story: Monday.”, you know the story. We’re certainly guilty of posting a Monday meme once or twice, but waking up with a positive outlook could be the answer to brightening your day. Remember that Monday is a fresh start so welcome positivity, smile, and tell yourself that it’s going to be the best day ever.