Visually striking, colourful or monochromatic, with essential lines or with a vintage look, made in metal and fabric or wood and leather. In short, there isn’t just one style of modern sofa, but it’s a category of furniture that encompasses a whole host of variables.

As such, if you just rush into the first furniture store you find, or pick one online that you happen to see on a TV program, you’re unlikely to end up with a sofa that both fits your bottom perfectly and the overall aesthetic of your house. Instead, take your time, and don’t get that credit card out until you’ve read these; our 4 IDEAL tips on finding a modern sofa that’s right for you.


Sorry to get all DIY Dad on you, but it’s vital that you do some measuring before you set off on your sofa search. Though it may seem pedantic, a little fussing at this stage will save serious hassle in the long run.

Inspired by the old carpenters’ adage, to “measure twice and cut once”, when you’re looking for a designer sofa for an interior, you should measure the spaces available twice and buy only once. 

Skip this step and you might end up wasting time and money because you find yourself having to replace the furniture that’s just arrived. And this isn’t simply about fitting your new sofa through the door. It’s all about striking the right balance between full and empty spaces and making sure the overall look of your interiors is synergised.


Depending on where you live, in tropical, humid climes, or somewhere cooler, your sofa choice should take the weather into account. This is particularly pertinent where material is concerned. 

No one wants to park their bottom on a leather sofa in a hot country; to put it bluntly, that bottom will soon be sticking to the seat with sweat. You’ll want a sofa material which doesn’t absorb too much heat, such as cotton or polyester. Equally, in colder countries, a warming material is essential, as well as a sofa with a deep, puffy fill which you can really sink into. Of course, one with throws and cushions aplenty is great for the long, Great British winter.


Okay, you’ve taken your measurements and checked them not twice, but three times. You’ve considered the material keenly. Then you go and buy a gleaming white sofa and watch in dismay as your kids jump all over it in their dirty shoes and look on aghast as your friends drop pizza all over it while watching the match on TV. 

Perhaps there’s something else you need to bear in mind before throwing away your hard-earned cash. Ask yourself whether you value aesthetics or longevity more right now. If it’s the latter, then it’s essential to choose stain-resistant or easily removable and washable coverings, unless of course you live alone, don’t want guests and would never, ever dream of eating dinner whilst lounging on your sofa.


We’ve been speaking as though every sofa purchase is made with the domestic setting in mind. Fear not, hospitality sector, we’re here for you, too. Indeed, when you have to buy one or more sofas for your bar, pub, restaurant, or accommodation facility, then the stakes are higher and you need to be even more careful.

Planning is fundamental when margins are tight, and making use of interior design experts in this case almost becomes mandatory. Even a single armchair can be an element that can make the difference in a hotel lobby.

In such situations, it’s paramount to rely on companies with a proven track record, capable of offering intelligent solutions. One example is Natus modern sofa by Albaplus, a modular sofa that combines superb quality, functionality and style. Do your due diligence for similar companies in your area and we await our invite to try out your new chair together.