Get the scoop on making dreamy creamy ice cream with these top tips

When the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than a scoop of ice cream to cool you down. And it’s even better when you’ve made it yourself.  We’ve been busy making lots of ice cream with our new Kenwood Ice Cream maker, however after several failed attempts, we’ve been wondering how you nail that perfect creamy texture that doesn’t end up like a frozen block of ice or a mushy mess, So we’ve done our ice cream research and found the answer, or rather answers. Here’s 10 tips for making ice cream at home.  

1. Always remember to pre-freeze your ice cream bowl/container for at least 24 hours before you use it. If it’s not cold enough the ice cream will not freeze completely and you’ll end up with a mushy custard mess.

2. A good ice cream starts with a great custard base. When adding the egg yolks to the mixture- go slowly and never ever dump everything into the mixing bowl at once. If you add them too quickly you’ll end up with scrambled eggs – and not the delicious kind. Also, to avoid scrambled-egg ice cream, keep the heat low and stir it constantly when making your custard base. 

3. Don’t use low fat substitutes, it will mess with the texture.  If you want creamy, dreamy ice cream use the full fat versions.  Forget about the calories, ice cream is an excuse to indulge after all.

4. Don’t add fresh fruit straight to ice cream. This is because most of it’s just water which will make the ice cream go all icy and weird.  If you’re using a fruit like a strawberry, then roast it first. Or for fruits like oranges and lemons, just add the zest.  

ice cream

5. If you’re adding mix-ins you have to do it at the right time. Only add those chunks of cookie dough, chocolate chips, nuts and fruits once you’re done with the churning.

6.We never thought we’d say this, but if you’re adding alcohol don’t add too much. Alcohol doesn’t freeze, so adding more than a couple of splashes can prevent the ice cream from freezing and no one wants sloppy icey ice cream.

7.Don’t dip your ice cream scoop in hot water first – this a a cardinal ice cream sin that so many people make. You actually want your scoop to be dry as if you drop even one little bit of water on the ice cream, it becomes a chunk of ice.

8. A top tip that will prevent ice crystals from forming in the freezer is to cover the ice cream with a layer of cling film before putting the lid on. We’re not quite sure on the science behind this, but it works.

9. There’s no time to wait. Homemade ice creams only keeps well for about a week. After that, it begins to lose their flavor and creamy texture.

10.  Ice cream hates changes it temperature. Store your ice cream in a really cold part of the freezer and as far away from the door as possible. And once you take it out, be quick and put it back in the freezer straight away.

Oh and if you want to make something fancy with your Ice Cream, click here and try this sconewich recipe – it’s delicious!



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