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Phew! What a decade it’s so far been. You deserve a break…

The holidays are the best times to escape the daily grind and enjoy a well-earned rest. But as pet owners across the UK and beyond will attest, no holiday is complete without the four-legged member(s) of the family coming along for the ride.

Fortunately for pet lovers everywhere, there are countless opportunities for you to have fun with your dog on holiday, with many places both in the UK and abroad welcoming dogs, and some actively encouraging their presence!

A wonderful way for your pup to enjoy a whole host of new sounds, sights and smells, and a load off your mind worrying about the little guy while you’re away… What could be better?

That said, taking your dog on holiday isn’t always a walk in the park. Take these 4 dog-friendly tips for your summer holiday with you, however, and you’ll have the time of your life…

Relax At A Dog-Friendly Hotel

Selecting the right hotel that allows pets is the most important consideration when taking your dog on your family’s summer holidays

The problem here is that some establishments won’t let them in, and others may have strict rules governing how your pet behaves within their premises, both of which make life much harder for dog owners. Regarding your accommodation, it’s essential to check if a pet is permitted at all, as it’s not a given that a hotel, apartment or Airbnb will be pet-friendly. It all depends on the operator’s rules, so do check the fine print before proceeding.

When it comes to finding dog friendly places, we’re big fans of dogfriendlyretreats.com. Josh Williams, who runs the site, tells us that he “always remember(s) the difficulty my parents would have trying to find accommodation accepting dogs. So much so that we often ended up camping instead.”

As such, he set about creating a central website for dog owners to go to and easily search through dog friendly hotels, and the idea for his dog friendly platform was born.

And it seems he was ahead of the curve in doing so; since the pandemic started, there has been a boom in pet-friendly hotel offerings. “More people have realised, over the past few years, that they can take their dog away with them, which obviously they prefer to do, and it can save a significant amount on kennel fees” he explains in the Independent.ie. So go ahead and check out his recommended site for dog-friendly accommodations.

IDEAL Tip: Before starting your trip, you must double-check if your initial choice of hotel is pet-friendly on a more all-encompassing level. Though many places may nominally permit pets, they still don’t allow them to wander around their grounds, for instance.

You’ll also want to check the small print; where can you take your pet to do their business? Are they welcome at the bar and restaurant sections? Can you leave them unattended inside the room? All of this will matter to the success of your stay.

Find Dog Friendly Restaurants

One of the pleasures of going on holiday is eating out at restaurants, and for dog owners,  somewhere their pooch can happily catch crumbs under the table and lap up all the attention they get from other dog lovers is gold. 

However, finding decent places that allow dogs are few and far between. Moreover, most dogs suffer from separation anxiety, especially when they’re in a new place. Leaving them at the hotel or cottage, then, is out of the question. 

A solution? As Wakefield Express reports, “The new app from Dog Furiendly aims to alleviate the problem, by supporting dog owners to make more travel choices that include the dog. You can search for pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, chops and more that allow dogs. Moreover The app isn’t just limited to places to go, it also includes vital services like vets, pet shops and dog groomers”. 


IDEAL Tip: If you’re holidaying in London, check out Drake and Morgans. All of their bars, including The Happenstance, The Sipping Room and The Allegory, are dog-friendly. Moreover, they have a dedicated drinks offering especially for furry friends including the ‘Pawsecco’ and ‘Bottom Sniffer Beer’. These non-alcoholic tipples are ideal for any tail-wagging celebration. Yep, we think it’s fair to say that your two-legged friends will feel most welcome here!

Have Fun At Dog-Friendly Beaches 

Perhaps not a hugely surprising dog fact, this one, but dogs just love going to lakes, swimming pools, rivers, and the sea because they can have a dip and cool down. 

Frolicking around in the sea and on the sand is also great exercise for your four-legged companions… Whats not to love?

Before taking your dog to the beach, you’ll want to first assess if the location is pet-friendly. If the resort allows dogs, you should avoid taking them during the hottest hours because the hot sand can cause pain to their paws and skin, and too much sun exposure isn’t safe.

If you’re not confident to let them socialise with strays, you should consider keeping your dog on a leash to keep them away from these roaming urban dogs and prevent them from getting into a scuffle.

Go Camping 

Dogs love a spot of camping, giving them new places to rummage around in and explore.

Before heading out on your trip to a remote camping destination, you should prepare for every possible emergency to ensure your dog’s safety. This involves scheduling a vet appointment so your dog can have the most current vaccinations to prevent them from getting ticks and fleas, and also provide them with an advanced microchip or tracked collar.

You’ll also want to pack standard camping supplies like dog treats, extra towels, a leash, waste bags, their latest photo in case you lose them, and all their vet records and medical information.  

Around the campsite, you should monitor the surrounding wildlife, including other animals and plants, to prevent them from engaging with flora and fauna that might cause them harm. Finally, you should bring a sufficient water supply because your dog may require more hydration than usual since they’re in unfamiliar territory.

The Bottom Line

A holiday with your furry friend isn’t always a walk in the park. That said, with a few simple precautionary steps, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday and plenty of bonding time with your beloved four-legged member of the family. 

For more on this topic, check out these tips on how to ensure that taking your dog on holiday is a pleasure not a chore. We hope you have a great tip!

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