Obsessed with eye lashes? Living for lipstick? Wake up thinking about make up? Well, have you ever thought about becoming a beauty therapist? Turning passion into a career never looked so good. Indeed, working in beauty is an increasingly popular profession in the UK, and for good reason. Not only is there always demand for beauty therapists – equating to a guaranteed a job for life – but it’s also one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK today. In 2017, spending was at approximately 7.4 billion British pounds, representing an increase of more than 400 million on the previous year. That’s a whole lot of people spending a whole lot of money on pampering themselves.

Alongside a growing industry, the possibilities for qualified and fully-trained beauty therapists are endless and the potential to create a flexible and fulfilling career extremely attractive. Just like the faces you’ll be working on. So, if you’re looking for a lucrative career, here are 4 IDEAL benefits of being a beauty therapist.


If you love to pamper people and make them look and feel their very best, then a career in beauty could be ideal for you. As a beauty therapist (emphasis on the word therapist, here) you’ll have the opportunity to make people feel fabulous about themselves, boosting their self confidence and esteem and generally generating some seriously warm vibes in the process. Indeed, not only do beauticians enhance their client’s physically, they also help their psychological wellbeing. You can offer a relaxing environment, where your customers can forget about their worries and concentrate on making themselves feel good, if only for an hour or two.


If you become a therapist in the beauty industry, whether you are an expert in nails, makeup, or various other beauty treatments, you can earn a regular income, especially if you work in a salon. Even if you decide to branch out on your own it’s easy to build a solid client list. Beauty is a very personal thing and you may already have a good base of clients who appreciate your skills that you could take with you, especially if you have undergone particular training in beauty courses from a good London school at somewhere reputable like The London Beauty Training Academy.


If being flexible and fluidity is your thing, then say hello to the beauty industry. Indeed, there’s nothing like having the perfect work-life balance, and with a job, in beauty therapy, you can have achieve it. Many jobs within this sector offer flexibility when it comes to your schedule, especially if you decide to open up your own beauty business like having your own spa beauty clinic services, rent a booth as a stylist or become a freelance hair and makeup artist.

Also, when you decide to become a beauty therapist, no day is ever the same. Depending on your speciality, each appointment will involve different challenges. You could be giving a facial one moment, applying makeup or spray tanning someone the next. There are so many beauty treatments that you can learn how to do with the right course including massage, hydrotherapy, reflexology, and aromatherapy. You’ll also get a mixed bag of clients, keeping things current and interesting, which brings us to our next point…


Working in beauty means you have the opportunity to meet and work with so many fascinating people. It’s easy to establish a good, solid relationship with clients in the beauty industry simply because beauty treatments are a highly personal experience where you interact closely with your clients and respond to each’s unique wants and needs. Being in a close relationship with your clients allows you to build a stronger base, as mentioned, which will be a big help if you ever want to strike out on your own. Plus, there’s nothing like doing a good job – the appreciation from clients is always its own reward.