Windows rolled down, Springsteen on the radio and nothing but the open road and a sense of endless possibilities in our hearts. Indeed, you get a real sense of freedom and adventure spending those warm, heady summer weeks driving around in a campervan. It’s a wonderful way to explore Europe or simply visit parts of the UK you’ve never been to before as, in an exciting and relatively affordable manner. Wherever you’re headed, one thing for sure is that you’ll want your campervan to look the part both inside and out, as it’ll be your home for the next few weeks. Here are a few ways to make that happen.


Especially for those who have invested in a classic campervan, one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is update the paintwork. Rust can cause dull and faded paintwork, which looks less than appealing. If you need to give the whole campervan a fresh coat of paint then the main option is to fully respray it, though there are ways to repaint your van without respraying it. Otherwise, you could just add a bit of character by adding some stylish decals, touching up little bits or painting. You could even go crazy and embrace the iconic “flower power” designs of sixties and seventies campervans.


Not only do you need a door that is safe and secure but having one that blends in naturally with the rest of the campervans style is ideal. Tambour doors add a modern touch for those with a more contemporary model, while more traditional vans may be best to keep their original door and just update the lock. Alternatively, it can be good to get one tailor made to fit the shape and style of your campervan if you have a specific taste. To have a look at some doors for your campervan, click here.


The inside is probably more important to you, as it’s where you’ll spend more time. Much like when decorating your home, decide on a colour scheme that suits. Light shades are best for that summery feel, most likely when you’ll be using your campervan. Think about the style of curtains too, as these are a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your campervan while serving a practical purpose. The same is true for any rugs or paintings on the wall.


When it gets dark the summer party doesn’t have to stop. Invest in a range of portable garden lamps that you can stick outside to enjoy those warm evenings, or add some light strips to the outside wall that can be easily turned on. Inside, it’s amazing how effective it can be to string up a few fairy lights to create a nicer atmosphere, rather than relying on the bright overhead bulbs.


Going on a campervan adventure does bring you closer to nature, but you can get even closer to it and improve your van’s style. Wooden furniture and panels create a cosy feel and when mixed with white colours look classy. Add a few plants for fresh smells and a bit of interest, and it will nearly feel like you’re camping out in the open.

Once your campervan looks the part you should be all set to enjoy a few weeks out on the open road as the envy of your fellow travellers.